7 Trade Show Themes & Ideas to Draw Massive Crowds

July 29, 2023 Desiree Homer

When you’re at a trade show, there’s always that one exhibitor booth that seems to draw massive crowds. Sure, every exhibitor “wins” by showing up to a New York City trade show or industry conference. But some just seem to win more, attracting more booth visitors, handing out more swag, and walking away with more leads. So, how can you tap into that crowd-drawing power? Check out these trade show ideas and themes so you can be that one exhibitor drawing envy from all other exhibitors.

1. Pop-Up Tents Are Welcoming

Trade show guests and participants will stop at those booths that feel welcoming. And when you use big displays and pop-up tents, it sends a message that there’s a cool little club inside worth visiting. Passers-by will want to know what’s in the tent, and their curiosity will invite them into your exhibitor space.

2. Create Moments of Relaxation

Trade shows can be exhausting for guests as they peruse a massive floor plan, stopping to chat and collecting free swag. But if your booth offers a moment of relaxation, like comfortable chairs, massage chairs, or cooling stations, people will come and hang out with your team more frequently. 

3. Offer Something Educational

Watch as all the trade show guests walk by, eyeing your table of swag and reading your stunning (and expensive) trade show banners. But they’ll stop in their tracks and come over if you’re offering something educational or teaching them something valuable. Consider incorporating an innovative DIY or tutorial on something of interest.

4. Wow Trade Show Guests with Big or Oversized Activations

New York City trade show booths are always getting bigger, and so are the exhibitor spaces and presentations. It’s because bigger works and is more engaging. Bring in the oversized activations, like the giant working cell phone, the giant rendition of interactive Angry Birds, or the giant gaming console controller. People will be drawn to participate every time.

5. Invite Participants for Something Interactive

Trade shows aren’t just for giving people something to see. If you want to really draw in the big crowds, you’re going to want to give them something to do. Make sure your booth offers interactive activations, like AR or VR experiences. Put something in their hands and ask them to experience something when they visit your exhibit. The more fun, the better, too.

6. Drawings and Contests Always Attract

People love free-to-enter drawings and contests. So, be sure to have something big to offer and encourage visitors to participate. Bring in the monster spinning wheel to determine prizes. Showcase the grand prize front and center. And make it super-easy to enter for those who stop by and inquire.

7. The Best Swag Draws the Best Crowds

Another way to lure massive crowds to your exhibitor booth is with brilliant swag. How many times have you been to a trade show and spotted people walking around with great branded totes or giant silly straws and thought, “I wonder where they got that? I want one?” Use that curiosity to your advantage as an exhibitor and bring truly unique and stand-out swag to attract the masses.

Start making a bigger splash at every trade show you engage in, and draw massive crowds with all the right techniques. And speaking of trade shows, have you booked your spot on the trade show floor at The Event Planner Expo 2023 yet? Act fast! It’s the premier conference for anyone in the events industry, and thousands are coming! Showcase your business and walk away with leads, strategic new partnerships, and closed deals!

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