7 Ways to Cure Event Planner's Block

September 16, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Ah, event planner's block. You know it well.

Your client has called you and said that there's no way the event can happen on budget, or at all, because of some unexpected problem that came up because they had no idea what they were doing in the first place.

Yup, we've all been there! But don't worry because New York event planners have come up with ways to cure their own blocks in order to get back on track.

Here are 7 tips that might help you solve your own issues (and maybe even prevent them before they start):

Talk to an expert.

If you are an New York event planner, chances are you have been in this situation before. You've thought of a theme, made the plans, and then hit a wall.

You're stuck.

You need help but haven't found anyone who can give it to you.

If this sounds familiar, let's talk about the first two ways that we can get out of this rut: talking with other expert New York event planners and reaching out for advice from those who have done similar events before us.

Find your inspiration.

Look at other people’s work. We all have our own style, but there are some things that work for most of us, and we can learn from each other. Go through the event blogs, Pinterest boards and websites of people who are doing something like what you want to do.

Take inspiration from their ideas and how they execute them because that might help you get an idea for your own event!

Search online for resources or tools that could help with specific problems in organizing an event (e-vites and RSVP management software are just two examples).

Think outside the box.

When you're experiencing event planner's block, one of the best ways to regain your focus is simply to think about how you can do something different.

Maybe you've been hosting an annual fundraising gala and have been thinking about how to change up the format for next year's event.

Or maybe there's a new venue in town that could be interesting for your guests and attendees alike. If you're looking for something truly unique, consider renting out an old airplane hangar instead of using yet another convention hall!

Whatever it is that's holding back your creativity, look at it from a whole new perspective: How can I make this even better?

What makes this such an important night?

When did I first start having doubts about whether or not my event will be memorable enough?

These are all questions that deserve answers before moving forward with any future plans.

Research, Research, Research!

Research is the key to finding new ideas, and it is essential for any event planner. When you are researching, there are many different ways you can do it. You can do most of your research online or in person, alone or with a team.

Researching on your own has its advantages because you have more time to focus on what you want while working by yourself. This could also be an advantage because it takes longer to find information that works well for your event if you aren't doing anything else at the same time as searching for ideas!

You can also research with a team if you feel like it would be helpful—but remember not all people will be interested in helping out right away!

Some people might need some convincing before agreeing about how good of idea this could be for their next project together. So, make sure everyone understands how important this task really is before starting work together.

Plan a road trip.

Quick and easy. Just:

  • Pick a destination that you’ve never been to before and make it your goal to get there.
  • Take your time getting there, stopping off at interesting places along the way if you can afford to.
  • Plan out your meals and stops so that you don’t waste time looking for something good to eat or somewhere safe to sleep every night (this part is especially important if you’re not familiar with the area).
  • Bring a camera so that you can capture all of those memories!

Get away for a few days.

There are two reasons why you need to get away from the office and computer.

The first is that it will help you relax, which can help clear your mind of any remaining blocks/procrastination.

The second reason is because getting away from work will allow you time to think about something else for a while. You may be able to come up with some great ideas when your mind isn't focused on the details of your event planning business.

If these issues are causing problems in your life, consider booking a vacation!

Take a class that teaches you something new.

Taking classes is one of the best ways to learn, and it doesn't have to be expensive. There are tons of free resources online (such as Khan Academy), but if you want more hands-on experience, try looking at the local community college or university near you to see if they offer any relevant courses.

If not, look into taking a course online through sites like Coursera and edX. There are literally thousands of opportunities out there, so find what works best for your situation!

Learning how to do something new can help boost your confidence and give your brain something fresh to work with when planning events.

For example, perhaps learning how to write code will help boost your technical skills which could lead into better event management software solutions down the line. Or, maybe learning how to draw would inspire creativity within yourself. Another example (and quite tasty at that) is to learn about wine which could make choosing wines for clients easier than ever before!

You never know unless you try :)

Whether it's baking desserts or designing websites, knowing more than just this one area will give any New York event planner an advantage when trying different things.


We hope that by now you've been inspired to try some of these tips for curing event planner's block. The key is to get started with whatever works best for you and your personality.

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