8 Surefire Ways to Sell More Tickets to Your Events

July 14, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Not all of the events you plan will require tickets for admission or ticket sales. But for those New York conferences, trade shows, and corporate events, ticket sales are a massive component of your event planning process. Keep reading as we share some of the most effective and surefire ways to sell more tickets at all your events and boost ROI in a big way.

1. Start Selling Event Tickets Early Online

The key to selling record-number of tickets begins with an early online promotion. Kickstart your New York event’s ticket sales months in advance with online deals. Put together early bird discounts and start creating buzz about the purpose and benefits of attending your conference. Build momentum for the event and roll out a series of specials to keep potential guests eager to opt in and buy tickets.

2. Build Scarcity Around Ticket Availability

Of all the traditional tactics for selling, tapping into the fear of missing out method is still very effective. And when you’re selling tickets for an event, building scarcity around ticket availability can drive results. Potential attendees will be inspired to take action if they believe time is running out on their opportunity to experience your conference. Tickets can be limited by size or benefit level, allowing you to be selective about when and how you present your sale.

3. Entice Ticket Sales via Referrals

You’ll likely have some invited guests who are repeat attendees loyal to the conference of the brands involved. You can leverage that loyalty by creating event-specific ambassadorships and deputizing others to help you sell tickets. Create perks and benefits for those who sell additional tickets and treat ambassadors with VIP advantages. Don’t make ticket sales a one-person effort when you can tap in a few or several others who can also contribute.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns for Special Ticket Offers

Create marketing campaigns designed to introduce and build excitement about your upcoming event or trade show. Use drip campaigns to announce speakers and entertainers. Share ticket promotions and always provide links directly to your ticketing sites. These emails should be riddled with enthusiasm and FOMO messaging. Start these campaigns early, too, usually several months in advance.

5. Exhibitor and Sponsor Boosted Ticket Sales

Don’t just sell tickets as a stand-alone opportunity for individual guests. Invite sponsors and exhibitors to your New York conference and use those boosted branding and business opportunities to also sell more event tickets. Create tiers of opt-in sponsorships, each including varying levels of perks and tickets. Use exhibitors and booth participants as a selling point and as a channel for boosted ticket sales, too. 

6. Social Media Platforms for Creating Excitement

You’ll, of course, want to use a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to engage your event’s target audience. Share images and videos from last year’s conference and build excitement around the upcoming event. Tease big announcements before you announce them. Record reels and lives with behind-the-scenes preparations. And use your social platforms for brand mentions for sponsors and exhibitors, lending more credibility to your conference. 

7. Leverage Keynote Speakers or Entertainment Announcements

Don’t just list keynote speakers or stage presenters. Instead, create publicity campaigns for use as marketing tools to promote your event. Roll out one announcement at a time, using hashtags on social media. Put together email campaigns and press releases with your big announcements. And collaborate with your speakers, high-profile entertainers, and entertainers to tie promotional opportunities together to reach their audiences as well as yours.

8. Press Releases for Community Awareness

Speaking of press releases, create a strategy for making announcements within your local community, generating awareness for your upcoming conference. Draft news and business-centric announcements to send to media outlets and new organizations. Drip these press releases with each big headline you have to share and gain additional exposure within the community.

As an event professional in New York who’s responsible for curating conferences, trade shows, and corporate events, ticket sales strategies are essential. Leverage these surefire methods for boosting ticket sales at all your events. And learn even more insights to grow your events business by becoming an exhibitor at The Event Planner Expo 2023! Tickets are available, and space on the trade show floor this year is booking fast! 

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