Don't Blend In: Corporate Event Ideas that Stand Out

October 21, 2019 Jessica Stewart

Finding the right balance of informative professionalism and enthusiasm at your corporate event can be tricky yet essential.

That is because an event can be the biggest factor in company growth from networking to sales. In fact, in 2017, global events generated over $1 trillion and attracted over 1.5 billion participants.

So, don't think of your next company event as just another cocktail party with a few speakers. Thinking bigger will get you more people and more recognition. 

Use these corporate event ideas that stand out to get your employees and your networking circle looking forward to the next time they see your company event on their calendar.

Choose a Unique Destination

A conference hall or hotel leaves little to the imagination. You can choose a location that isn't so monotone.

Think outside the box, or literally, think outside. Fun event ideas don't have to be limited to four walls. An outdoor park could make your event more casual and attract new types of people.

You can also think of unconventional locations like an amusement park where a conference hall may still be used for presentations, while entertainment is already provided.

Team building sites like an escape room or a miniature golf course may work well for smaller events. You may invite only your sales team and some high-profile clients to get to know one another. 

If you do opt for a convention hall, then highlight the town's attractions at your event. Social events that include longer stays may also incorporate exploring the local city life. This will encourage guests who may not want to travel initially.

Interactive Entertainment

Cool event ideas, no matter your location, should include participation as entertainment. 

Use fun ways to keep your guests informed of your mission, product, or company while making it fun. A guest speaker might bring you a handful of useful information, but it is a boring way to present it.

Add a casino, a live auction, or a trivia contest that keeps people engaged. Use the guest speaker within these activities to keep it relevant to your networking goals.

Keep in mind that entertainment can raise your budget, but it shouldn't be sacrificed. Plan ahead to keep your event in your price range.  

Customize Your Swag

Make sure your guests take home a piece of your company with these social event ideas for your swag.

Do this by making your give-aways useful and unique. Most people don't need more post-its, pens, and stress balls in their life. 

Making them customizable keeps guests actively engaged while creating gifts that they will want to take home.

Don't Skimp Your Menu

A great social event idea is to develop a menu that is not only yummy but also versatile. 

Over 16 million people are now vegan or vegetarian, and there are a plethora of other dietary needs of allergies and preferences. Make sure you include as many options as possible and highlight these options on your invite.

You don't want to lose guests over menu pitfalls. But, do not skimp on quality by expanding. Offer high-quality and popular items as well.

Corporate Event Ideas that Stand Out Are Always Changing

The world of corporate event ideas that stand out are constantly evolving. Having a specific employee to keep up on these new trends is essential to keep your events fresh.

Learn more about the Event Planning Expo to gain access to new ideas while spreading your brand awareness to your industry. 


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