How to Choose the Right Corporate Event Planner

June 16, 2022 Jessica Stewart

Corporate events can benefit your company in multiple ways. These include improving your company culture, fostering team cohesion, and generating additional revenue.

However, putting a corporate event together is a daunting task. Many things could go wrong and affect the quality of the conference. Unfortunately, a poorly executed corporate event could taint your brand's image.

Many people lack the knowledge and experience in event planning. That is why working with a professional event planner delivers superior results.

Hiring the right corporate event planner is key to the success of your event. So, how do you find the person for the job? Here are some tips to guide you.

Determine Your Corporate Event Objective

Over 90% of respondents in a 2020 survey believed that corporate events are critical to business success. That is why you should carefully vet an event planner before hiring.

When hiring an event planner, most people focus on the budget. But the best approach should be first to determine the purpose of your event. Once you do that, you will know what to share with potential candidates regarding your event's goals.

Defining the objective of your event helps establish the message you want to convey to the attendees. Most importantly, it illuminates the type of services you will need from New York events services.

For instance, will they help you choose a venue? Source for entertainment or even handle registration? Answering these questions helps to express your expectations accurately. Moreover, you want a planner with a portfolio that matches your objectives.

Ask for Referrals and Recommendations

Many companies in New York organize a couple of corporate events each year. As a result, there are plenty of event professionals in the city. Nonetheless, looking up an event planning agency on the internet and hiring them based on what's on their website could be disastrous.

It is always better to work with tested and proven event professionals. Asking for referrals from colleagues or friends in the corporate world is the best approach. It can help you land an incredible New York event planner.

Look for Passion and Confidence

Working with an upbeat, passionate and confident event planner will most likely deliver the best results. You can gauge how confident a candidate is by looking at how they carry themselves. A confident professional will not hesitate to share their vision and ideas.

If the potential event planners speak with great optimism and excitement about the project, that's a sign of passion. These are the kind of professionals who will strive to make your corporate event outstanding.

Interview Potential Candidates

Although referrals are a great place to start, you still have to do your homework. Inviting potential event planning candidates for interviews is another great way to single out the best planner.

During the interviews, gauge the communication skills of your candidates. These will come in handy when you get down to the actual work. You want to work with a professional with a good event planner resume.

Before the candidates come to the interview, prepare a list of relevant questions for the interviewees. These should revolve around their experience and expertise. The ultimate objective is to identify somebody familiar with the kind of event you want.

Ask your finalists about some of the grand events they have been involved. Gather information about what the budget of the corporate event you want may look like. Let them tell you how the resources are allocated to the different functions in the event.

Additionally, you want to hear the details of how they plan on executing the event. If your vision aligns with a particular candidate's ideas, you are on the right track.

Attend Event Planning Expos

Attending event planning expos can help you locate the best event planners in the industry. These are insightful event trade shows. And besides networking with potential party planners, you also get an opportunity to learn about current and future event planning trends.

In these expos, you will undoubtedly interact with the elite event planners in New York City. And since all events are not equal, you will get contacts of different types of event organizers.

Focus on the Culture and Personality

Personality clashes can get in the way of your event planning strategy. It is prudent to look for an event organizer with the right personality and attitude. Even when things get heated, you will quickly get on the same page.

It is also vital that your energies match from the get-go. If the upcoming event quite fires you up, you want somebody who is equally motivated. Together, you will engage and develop creative ways of staging the corporate event.

The Range of Services and Fees

When looking for event planners in New York, you want to evaluate the range of services they offer. You also want to know beforehand, the event planner's salary. For example, you may not need help with the venue. But you could be in dire need of impeccable décor.

For this reason, you would prefer to work with an organizer with a wealth of knowledge in event décor. So before you hire a particular event planner, ensure their services include all the range of services you would like.

Some event planners charge a fee for certain services. Others offer them as extras. If you can get somebody who will charge you for everything collectively, it can help keep costs low.


Events do not always go according to plan. Problems may arise along the way. For example, guests can cancel at the eleventh hour. The weather could change for the worst.

You want an event planner who can quickly adapt to such circumstances. And work smart to turn things around and keep your event on course. Regardless of the adversity, the event organizer should be able to rise to the occasion.

To find out if a candidate is flexible, ask them and keenly listen to the response. If it is not only creative but also realistic, they are ideal for the job.

Find the Best Event Planner in New York

The success of your event showcases the professionalism and the quality of your company. And ensuring that your corporate events are outstanding requires the services of a talented event planner. Get your ticket to attend this year's Events Planner Expo and 1Oth Anniversary.

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