How to Get a Celebrity at Your Next Event

September 1, 2022 Mario Stewart

Booking a celebrity may seem like a daunting experience when it comes to planning an event. With that said, the current day of age allows us to have an unlimited amount of resources when it comes to networking. Booking a celebrity will give your company-wide recognition and greatly increase your reputation. At the same time, if you are promoting an event with a celebrity attached, you are guaranteed to spark more interest and gain more attendees. 

Yes, it will most likely cost you money, but it is a valuable investment that will help you in the long run. One of the major tricks is to book a celebrity that is going to match your brand values and what your company represents. If you are growing a company and looking to throw a stellar event, then you should certainly consider trying to book a celebrity speaker or performer. Let’s dive into some fundamental ways of how to do it. 

Utilize Your Contacts 

First and foremost, you want to utilize every contact that you have when it comes to booking a celebrity. You would be surprised what connections you can make through friends of friends, and, if you live in LA or New York City, there is a very good chance that some of your colleagues will have connections with celebrities. This is absolutely the easiest way to book a celebrity at an event. If you find that one of your connections has contact with a celebrity that you are interested in booking, express to them the value that you can provide and be ready to express that to the celebrity as well. You'll be surprised at how ready and willing some of these people are to help. 

Make Them the Spotlight 

It goes without saying that celebrities love being in the spotlight. Since that is the case, you need to convey to them how they will be a promotional center of the event. Celebrities love exposure, and that is a value that you can provide with your event. Come up with a promotional plan, including marketing, press, and more, and be ready to pitch it to the celebrity and/or their representation. It is very likely that you would be working with a third party when booking a celebrity. Your marketing plan should include their name constantly.

Provide Value

If you are planning on booking a celebrity for your event, then you have to be ready to convey the value that they would be getting from attending. First and foremost, describe the press, media, and exposure that they will gain. Also, explain your values as a company and how those values complement what they represent. If they are on board with that, then it is a greater chance that they would want to get behind your company. At the same time, there will most likely need to be a financial incentive. Consider these monetary stipends as an investment opportunity that will help your event in the long run. 

Work with Charities 

Charities are a great way to get a celebrity in attendance. Most celebrities know the value of getting behind a good cause, and they will be willing to work with you if you pick a great charity. If you have a certain celebrity in mind, it would be a very smart decision to research their passions and what charities they work with already. Celebrities care a lot about their brand, and they love showcasing their dedication to charities and giving back to others. 

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