Make Milestone Birthdays Memorable with These 5 Event Amenities

March 31, 2023 Jessica Stewart

As a New York event planner, you’re no stranger to requests for planning help for milestone birthday celebrations. These might include Sweet 16 parties, turning 40 parties, or even older decade birthdays like turning 60, 70, or 80. Because these instances only happen once in a lifetime, your job as the hired event planning professional is to make the event just as one-of-a-kind. And if you need some inspiration for themes, ideas, and party amenities, check out these must-haves for today’s most memorable milestone birthday celebrations.

1. Top Notch NY Event Venue

For starters, abandon the old “standby” venues you tend to work with frequently for other events you plan. Make your milestone birthday parties magical by hosting them in the hottest and most exciting New York venues. Explore NEBULA or 9 Jones NY, for example. With artistic flair and customizable engagement options, these are two of the most thrilling venues in New York City right now. Think outside your normal “venue” box and tour some of the more thrilling backdrops, complete with upscale lounges, fully-immersive AV capabilities, and customized experiences. 

2. Age-Appropriate & Fun Event Themes

Get creative with choosing your milestone birthday event themes. Start, of course, with your clients to get an idea of what their likes and hobbies are. Inquire about the age and demographics of the invite list, too. While the theme should always celebrate the guest of honor, don’t forget to engage the rest of the guest list. Consider creating a few theme ideas to share with your event planning clients and let them help you make the final determinations. Remember that any theme you choose should be able to cascade into designs, decor, and other elements.

3. Choosing Both Nostalgic & Modern Entertainment

From live bands and DJ services to comedians and magicians, be mindful of choosing the right-fit entertainment for your milestone birthday events. And if you have a mixed crowd, consider incorporating additional layers of entertainment, like balloon animal clowns for the littles or temporary tattoo artists for the adults. Photo and video booths are always a big hit, no matter what the demographics, too. But the big wins are those parties that offer a little something fun for everyone, including nostalgic and modern touches.

4. Elevating Food & Beverage Options

The venue, event themes, and entertainment are your most important considerations. But you can also make your milestone birthday events memorable by getting creative with the menus and beverages. Create a signature cocktail, for example, with a unique blend of flavors and a theme-aligned name. Go all out with a dessert table for a teen celebration, presenting all the guest of honor's most favorite sweet treats. And look for other ways to elevate the dining and mingling experience with a professional carving station or an espresso bar artist.

5. Celebrity Guests Are Always Welcome

Another way to infuse your milestone birthday celebrations is with some red-carpet entertainment in the form of celebrity guests and surprise celebrity appearances. Leave the party-goers star-struck by inviting big-name musical talents or iconic celebrities. And whenever there’s a celebrity in the house, there’s an added layer of VIP experiences that make these social events thrilling and memorable from start to finish.

Get inspired by these milestone birthday party amenities and ideas! And remember, you have an opportunity to immerse yourself in three full days of event planning inspiration when you attend, exhibit, and sponsor The Event Planner Expo 2023!

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