New Year New Booth: 3 Must-See Trade Show Booth Designs to Take Inspiration From

April 27, 2022 Jessica Stewart

A phenomenal trade show booth will not only stand out but will be a guaranteed show-stopper. With so many booths to compete with, it's essential to design a booth that reaches out and grabs the attention of everyone who walks by.

The perfect trade show booth design isn't only attractive; it's engaging and interactive. Keep reading to discover how you can create a fresh, exciting trade booth sure to draw a crowd.

Pop-Up Tents With Lots of Giveaways

Trade shows are an excellent way to network, meet new professionals, and show off your talent

You know you're great. But how do you show everyone else just how amazing you are?

Consider a brightly colored pop-up tent. They're portable and easy to take from place to place, and can easily attract attention.

Who doesn't like free giveaways? When people visit your booth, be sure to send them on their way with lots of branded items. This helps promote you and draws in an even bigger crowd, hoping for some free swag. 

Make sure the overall feel of your booth matches your personal brand. Pop-up tents offer a more intimate space for you to do this, so get creative. The additional space they provide allows you to incorporate seating. 

After standing on your feet all day, you'll be happy for the extra seating; and so will the guests you're hoping to attract. Big chairs and couches will draw a crowd and provide a comfortable space to connect with visitors

Informative Trade Show Booth Design

More often than not, people attend trade shows to learn something new. Create a space that's informative and allows guests to interact with you. Be engaging, and keep them coming back for more.

A fun way to keep guests interested is to have a contest or host a game. You can use iPads and have people answer trivia questions from what you discussed. Make sure to have lots of freebies to give away as prizes.

As an added bonus, consider having a charging station. This way people can learn about your trade, have fun playing interactive games, and can charge their phones all at once.

The Bigger the Better

What's more eye-catching than something extraordinarily big? Perhaps you're incorporating a video into your trade show booth. Why not use a big-screen TV? This will catch the attention of anyone who walks by.

If you're hosting a game or contest, provide extra-large prizes for people. They'll help you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Another way to make your booth stand out is by adding LED lights. You can incorporate light up furniture, the works. Lights stand out and are a bold choice, sure to draw attention from everyone who walks by.

Get Noticed With the Right Trade Show Booth Design

Standing out at a trade show is crucial and can be done in a variety of ways. Incorporate big, bold, colorful elements to amp up your trade show booth design.

Trade shows are your chance to network and forge relationships, taking your business to the next level.

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