Rev Up Your Career: Event Planning Courses and Certifications

April 13, 2022 Jessica Stewart

The Event Planner 2022 Expo allows you to mingle and network with others that are in the event planning industry as well. With that being said, one thing you might realize is that in the world of event planning it's important to continue to educate yourself as trends continue to change.

It's for this reason you're going to want to check out the different event planning courses you can participate in. They will help make you the best event planner possible.

Read on below to find out what event management certificates you need to keep your eye on.

Certified Special Events Professional

The CSEP certification is a certification provided by the International Live Event Association. The great thing about having this event planning certification is that it's one that's recognized on an international level.

It also makes you more respected in the event planner industry. However, keep in mind if you're going to pursue this certification, you will have to take an exam at the end of the course.

Taking this exam is to show that you have a minimum of three years of experience/employment as an event planner. Also, that you have a proven track record of planning events.

Virtual Event & Meeting Management

VEMM is provided by Event Leadership Institute or ELI along with MPI.  This certification is provided over the course of a few weeks. It's best for those that are currently working in the event management profession. 

These professionals are looking to improve the current knowledge they have about planning events that take place virtually. This is important because as the pandemic continues more organizations are creating a mix of in-person and virtual events for people to take part in.

Event Crisis Communications Designation

ECC is a designation that will teach you how to communicate effectively throughout the event planning process. It's important to understand how to communicate. Mainly because things come up and if you don't know how to react during an emergency, it can affect your events going forward.

ECC teaches people to create a plan as a preventative measure in case things go haywire, making it easy for them to respond properly.

Certified Trade Show Marketer

CTSM is essential if you spend time planning trade show events because it teaches you an extra resource if this is the area that you operate within professionally. It emphasizes how to network and market while also improving the awareness surrounding your specific brand.

The better you are within your chosen field, the better off you'll be in the future.

Event Planning Courses You Need

The number of event planning courses you have at your disposal are too numerous to list, but we've listed some of the most important. The point of taking certifications and courses is to ensure you're consistently educating yourself and honing in on your craft.

With all that being said, don't forget to attend the Event Planner Expo 2022 this year. Buy your tickets and get ready for the time of your life with other like-minded professionals.

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