Setting Press Release Goals: 4 Ways PR Can Boost Attendance

December 20, 2022 Mario Stewart

New York event planners know just how important it is to execute flawlessly when announcing and marketing an event. You’ll use all the available channels, too, including social media, email, and website campaigns. But how effective are your press releases? Is your PR strategy adapting to today’s standards? Here’s what event professionals like you should know about drafting and issuing press releases. Executing the right way can bring a serious boost to your event attendance.

1. PRs Among Influencers

Sure, you’ll hit up the traditional media resources with any official press release announcements you have about your events. But there are plenty of non-traditional sources, too, including industry or community influencers. Draft your press release announcement and start exploring the leading voices in the industry.

Consider reaching out to influential business leaders or brand ambassadors to inquire about sharing news of your upcoming event. Even if you can’t offer these individuals any official speaker roles or event privileges, you can still carve out perks and benefits, like discounted or free passes. However you entice your targets, you can reach broader and more captive audiences with news of your event or conference using influencers and micro-influencers.

2. Sharing Your Press Release Socially

Once you’ve drafted your official event press release for traditional media sources, consider creating a social media strategy. Share your PR with event participants and guest speakers, so they can share the news and event details. Cross-promote on your own event planning media profiles and within your networks. Tie in your event hashtags and pages, as well. 

3. Sending Press Releases Via Email

While you’re sending those event press releases to local media outlets, create a separate email campaign. You can tap into past attendee lists, client lists, and networking circles with your event announcements, too. And get a list of contacts from your event client, whether it’s their customers, vendors, or partners, those targets should also receive official press releases. Encourage recipients to subscribe and share your announcements with others. And increase the frequency of your email sequencing as the event date approaches to create a sense of urgency.

4. Turn Your Press Release Into a Video Announcement

Traditional event press releases read like formal announcements. But today’s audiences, your guests included, are engaged and driven to act with visuals. So, consider creating a video version of your press release to launch and share throughout all your channels. Make it an impressive announcement with an official yet exciting tone. Include any guest speakers or performers who can lend credibility and enthusiasm to the PR, too. Consider incorporating brief interviews and showcase venue or event perks. The video message will be your best asset for online promotion and reach guests who might not otherwise read your traditional PR announcement.

Continue issuing your event press releases to your traditional media channels, including local television, radio, or print sources. But don’t forget to leverage these other PR outlets. You can reach broader audiences with your event announcements and boost attendance in a big way.

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