Targeting Corporate Brands: 4 Reasons to Promote Your Team-Building Event Services

December 30, 2022 Mario Stewart

New York event planners all have different event niches in which they specialize. You might have a few core events that you consider to be your pillar service offerings, too. If those include corporate events and conferences, or if you plan to expand into these executive experiences, team-building event services are your foot in the door. Here are reasons to consider adding team-building events to your suite of expert services, especially if you’re looking to grow your business in 2023.

1. Companies Are Investing More in Their Employees

Today’s companies are changing how they attract, retain, and employ top talent. Many of those shifting dynamics include better engagement and company perks that align with today’s workforce preferences. As an event planner, you can target corporate brands with these goals in mind, selling your event planning services as a method for team-building experiences to support those objectives. 

2. Team Building Events Are Investments, Not Expenses

Corporations are keenly aware of the need to streamline costs and expenses for everything. Planning a company party, for example, might be viewed as an unnecessary expense. But when you offer unique team-building events, those company leaders will look at those as investments into their employee experiences. There is ROI with team building that you might not be able to sell with a traditional celebration or company party.

3. Team Building Boosts Virtual Engagement

Your corporate event prospects are experiencing big changes in their workforce in other ways, including the widespread adoption of remote and hybrid working environments. As an event planner, you can offer team-building events in virtual arenas to help connect those employees in a meaningful way. Position your services as the employee connection solution to help engage employees from wherever they work.

4. Company Culture Is Top-of-Mind

Company culture is a top priority for brands in 2023. Corporate leaders and decision-makers are always going to be looking for better ways to boost employee engagement, inspire staff loyalty, and improve team motivation. Team building events, whether in-person or online, are great solutions to these company culture challenges. From workshops and volunteer exercises to team contests and tournaments, get creative and sell your ability to help corporate event coordinators improve their cultures.

If you’re targeting corporate event clients this year, speak to their biggest need right now by selling your team-building event planning services. And when you’re ready to get in the room with some of New York’s biggest brand and executive decision-makers, make sure you’re on the waitlist and get to The Event Planner Expo 2023!

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