Team Building Ideas To Keep Your Team Engaged

May 20, 2022 Jessica Stewart

In today's professional world, employees are prioritizing workplaces that have a positive culture and team engagement. And when team members are motivated, they outperform their lesser inspired coworkers by 202 percent. 

With communication and teamwork being so important to a successful work environment, how do you build teamwork? What are some team-building ideas that people will actually enjoy?

We've put together some ideas for team-building events in NYC that will connect your team members. 

But First, What Are the Benefits of Team-Building? 

Building teamwork leads to many other advantages besides harder working employees. 

Encouraging your team members to socialize and get to know one another leads to higher morale and work enjoyment. If they look forward to coming to work and seeing their team members each day, this lowers the turnover rate and increases group learning and motivation. 

Plus, many team-building activities encourage team members to work together to solve puzzles, games, or quizzes, teaching them how to use these same skills to solve problems together in the workplace. 

Ready for some team-building ideas that will foster community and engagement? Keep reading for our top picks. 

Lead the Team on a Scavenger Hunt

Whether you create the scavenger hunt yourself or use an app to help you, splitting your members up into teams to complete different tasks or challenges is a classic team-building activity. 

Let the scavenger hunt lead everyone around NYC, having them find clues in museums, snap pictures in Central Park, or complete GPS check-ins at different food spots. 

Try a Cooking Class

Bring the team together with a cooking class led by a talented New York City chef. There are tons of different cooking classes around the city to choose from, teaching you how to make everything from bread or dessert to a full seafood meal. 

Explore the World of VR

If your team hasn't tried out virtual reality for themselves yet, they'll love this opportunity to make some memories with their coworkers. 

Check out one of NYC's virtual reality centers to have fun as a group. Choose from loads of games and activities covering all types of interests, from video games to jam sessions.

Escape from a Room Together

Escape rooms are the ultimate test of communication and problem solving, making them an ideal option for team-building events. 

NYC has a bunch of different escape rooms to choose from with plenty of different themes and difficulty levels. Split up your members into different teams and see which group can escape their room first!

Take a Tour of NYC Landmarks

This is a great option if many of your team members are new to New York. Schedule a group tour of the Met, the American Museum of Natural History, Rockefeller Center, or even the Statue of Liberty. 

Test Out Your Improv Skills

Does your group have some potential comedians in the mix? Encourage team members to get creative by doing some improv. Book an improv class to get everyone learning about the basics of comedy together, or have an improv event for your team at a local comedy club.  

Sing with Karaoke

Karaoke is another team-building classic that focuses on group support and encouragement (and is just plain fun!). 

Host your own karaoke event at the office with a karaoke machine or plan a night out at one of NYC's many karaoke bars. You could even make the song choices themed for a memorable event. 

Volunteer in the Community

Giving back is a popular way to build teamwork among groups and improve employee morale. There are lots of opportunities in the city to volunteer, whether it's working with students, donating food, or cleaning up green spaces.

Planning a company walk or run with proceeds donated to a specific nonprofit is always a winning idea too.  

Get Competitive with Trivia

This is a great team-building idea that can be done in practically any form.

Plan a virtual trivia event, host trivia at the office, or attend a trivia night at a local restaurant or bar. See how much knowledge your group has by splitting members into sections or joining together as one large team to take on the trivia competition. 

Attempt Axe Throwing

Create some competition while relieving stress with ax throwing

Reserve a time for you and your team to try out the sport of throwing an ax at a wooden target (with safety precautions in place, of course). See who has the best form by competing in a group tournament. 

Go Bowling

Bowling is a popular group activity for a reason. It's simple and doesn't require a lot of skill while still leading to lots of entertainment. 

Choose from one of NYC's bowling alleys, from upscale bowling lounges to more laid-back lanes. Split team members up into groups and have them compete against one another, or keep the gathering relaxed with games that are just for fun. 

Hit the Courts Together 

Looking for a team-building activity that involves exercise? Plan a day to get together and play a game of volleyball, basketball, soccer, or any other sport your team enjoys. 

Chelsea Piers Fitness facility is a popular destination for group workout activities and offers lots of different fields (and even a driving range!) for you to choose from. 

Boost Engagement with Team-Building Events in NYC

These are just a handful of the many different options available for team-building events in NYC. Take advantage of all the city has to offer while building teamwork among your group in the process. And if you're still not sure which type of event would be best, get your team involved in the planning and ask them for their own team-building ideas. 

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