Top Bar Mitzvah Trends for 2022

May 12, 2022 Jessica Stewart

As people who make their living from planning events, it finally feels like it's safe to breathe. We mean that both literally and figuratively.

People are starting to book and plan in-person events again, including Bat and Bar Mitzvahs in New York. If you need some updated theme ideas, we've got you.

Check out the fun party aesthetics below!

Camp Theme

If you're planning a Bat Bar Mitzvah, those kids likely have years of Jewish summer camp memories. So do their parents and their friends. Those summer weeks are (and were) some of the best times of their lives.

So why not bring back the nostalgia with a "Camp Name" themed Bat Bar Mitzvah? You can use a rustic cabin-like decor, have a (kosher) s'mores station, and have team/relay-style games.

Send your guests home with branded hoodies or duffel bags.

Slime Theme

If there's one thing that unites kids of every age, gender, and religion these days, it's slime. Even older kids love creating and customizing their own slime (and leaving it to get stuck to things in your house).

Call back the aesthetic from the Nickelodeon days, where they used to slime people for party-decoration inspiration. Or, visit the Sloomoo Institute to get ideas, charms, and potentially even supplies.

As the event planner, you can find great ways to customize the theme to your client, including branded "Name's slime" take-home gifts.

Travel Theme

What's one thing we've all wanted to do in the past two years that no one has been allowed to? Travel! Things are still touchy internationally, so why not bring the world to your next Bar Bat Mizvah?

Industry event professionals can work with you to make your invitations look like boarding passes, passports, or even little suitcases. As a bonus, you can find the best international food vendors at the New York Event Planner Expo.

Have little stations guests can visit to go around the world, almost like a mini-Epcot. Your guests and their now of-age child will love this trip of a lifetime.


What the Rubik's cube was to the '80s, poppers are to the '20s. While it may seem too small to build an entire theme around, anyone with kids can tell you that pop-its come in every shape, size, and style you can imagine. They even make popper purses and backpacks!

If we were throwing this as event professionals, we'd do a generic rainbow theme, then add details with poppers of different shapes.

For favors, we suggest getting personalized pop-its made in the child's name shape, or at least their first initial. Your invitations could read "it's time to Pop-Off for Name's Bar Mitzvah, New York!"


The Kardashians are a lot of things, including amazing party planners. If you're lucky enough to ever work with them or their event planners in New York, we expect a full report.

With live events finally coming back, capitalize on the momentum with a Coachella-themed Bat Bar Mitzvah. Kim did it for North's first birthday in 2014, so the theme has had time to breathe. Let us know if you manage to get a Ferris wheel in any event spaces around the city.

Bat Bar Mitzvah New York Themes

We hope you enjoyed these ideas for Bat Bar Mitzvah, New York event planners!

Coming to your clients with a slew of updated and trending ideas is a great way to get repeat customers. That, and having the best networking contacts possible, like the kind you meet at The Event Planner Expo 2022 10 Year Anniversary!

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