What Event Planners Should Include in Their Event Checklists

August 2, 2023 Mario Stewart

Every successful event professional manages a tight schedule and an organized event checklist. It’s how you can take on multiple events and execute tasks flawlessly for all those corporate events and social events you curate. And to make sure your lists are as all-inclusive as they need to be, we’re sharing the ultimate guide for an event checklist. Compare this roster with your routine to-do lists and see if you’re missing something! 

Use Templates for Event Checklists

Every event you take on is going to be unique, with different goals, attendees, and requirements. But make sure you cover every detail when you start your event planning process with a proven template of general tasks. You can customize your templates as needed without having to reinvent the wheel every time.

Include the Essentials

Make sure your event checklist starts with the pillar essentials. These include choosing the date(s) and booking the venue. List out the event type, event goals, and core client considerations.

Develop and Confirm the Event Budget

Reserve a spot on your event checklist for developing a realistic event budget. Discuss potential expenses with the event client and confirm spending configurations. Include costs of rentals, vendor estimates, and required deposits. Here’s where you’ll also determine potential revenue sources for the event, including ticket sales and sponsorships.

Create Themes, Decors, and Floor Plans

Event checklists will have dedicated segments for fleshing out event themes and design ideas. Here you’ll coordinate floor plans with your chosen venue. Line up audiovisual and stage elements, secure red-carpet decor, and floral arrangements. This chapter of your checklist will outline all the soft touches that create your unique event experiences. 

Book Your Entertainment Options

Dedicate another roster on your event checklist for managing the event entertainment. You’ll want to book the big-ticket entertainment, like a DJ or live band. But you’ll also want secondary and intermission entertainment value with photo booths, cocktail hour pianists, or artful latte designs with a custom espresso bar.

Food and Beverage Considerations

You can’t have a memorable New York event without impressive and exquisite food and beverage options. Make sure your event checklist provides a to-do roster of tasks, including meeting with caterers, sampling menus, planning for dietary preferences, hiring mixologists, and coordinating meal service.

Keynote Speakers or Celebrity Guests

Make sure your event checklist includes tasks associated with arranging for keynote speakers, guest speakers, or celebrity appearances. Corporate events, product launches, company meetings, and holiday parties will often require specific itineraries of speaking engagements or presentations. Be sure to include these steps on your checklist.

Plan for Additional Guest Experiences

Allocate time and effort to managing guest experiences. Your event checklist might include tasks like signing contracts, booking hotel accommodations for certain guests, and arranging transportation options. And if your New York event includes VIP guest experiences, this is the list you’ll follow for creating those, as well.

Event Marketing Strategies

Carve out an entire section of your event planning checklist for event marketing strategies. Whether it’s a fundraising gala or a private dinner party, you’ll need a to-do list for spreading the word, inviting guests, and promoting the event. This might also include a dedicated social media strategy, email marketing sequences, press releases, an event website, or a mobile event app.

Event Day Execution and Logistics Checklists

Consider creating an event day timeline with its own dedicated checklist for last-minute event polishing steps. Include an agenda that tracks vendor setup, guest arrival, meal service, entertainment start times, and post-event cleanup efforts.

Contingency Planning

The most successful New York event planners will also have a separate event checklist for contingency planning. You’ll want a backup plan for everything, from a last-minute venue cancellation to ghosting guest speakers. Have an emergency plan in place so you can problem-solve on the fly and still execute your event flawlessly.

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