What Questions Should You Include in Your Event Feedback Survey?

March 17, 2023 Mario Stewart

There are more than 67,000 event and party planning businesses in the U.S. today. Helping your business stand out means constantly making improvements and adjustments. One of the best ways to do this is by collecting feedback from participants at your events.

If you're wondering what questions you should include in your event feedback survey, keep reading. We're breaking down the best questions you can ask to help you with your event evaluation.

Have you attended this event before?

This is an important question to ask, and one that you'll want to know the answer to as you read the answers to other questions on this list.

Knowing that a guest has returned to your event will let you know that they were previously satisfied, or at least satisfied enough to come back. If their answers show that they weren't satisfied with this year's event, you might ask yourself what changes you made.

How satisfied were you with this event?

In your event survey, you'll want to get an idea of your overall attendee satisfaction. Did your guests generally enjoy the event? Or did they leave feeling disappointed? This question is a must on your post-event survey.

What can we improve next time?

The best post-event survey questions are those that help you get some ideas rolling for your next event! Asking your guests what they feel could be improved the next time will give you a to-do list that you can start working on right away.

Did you find this event useful?

Just because participants found your event fun or enjoyable doesn't necessarily mean that it fulfilled their purpose. Your event should also fulfill its purpose.

That could mean educating participants, exposing them to new developments in their field, or other objectives. In 2022, 50 percent of companies who said that they were getting back to hosting large-scale events planned to focus on team-building.

Asking your participants whether they found the event useful alongside questions about whether they enjoyed it will tell you whether you've truly done your job.

How likely are you to attend again in the future?

This question serves a number of purposes. It lets you know whether you were overall successful enough that guests want to come back. If this was your first event of this type, it might also help you start to think about whether or not you will host a similar event again in the future.

Finally, this question can help you figure out whether you need to do more the next time to make sure that your guests want to come back.

Developing Your Own Event Feedback Survey

These questions are a great start to creating your event feedback survey. But these event survey example questions are only the beginning. There are plenty of other questions that you can ask, including questions more specific to your event and industry.

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