Why You Should Embrace Paperless Tickets for Your Corporate Event

March 31, 2023 Erica Maurer

Event marketing is an effective and easy way to meet new customers and clients. You'll have more time to get your brand message out there and show people how you'll resolve their pain points. Corporate events also bring company employees together and build connections between workers.

Using paperless tickets can help you get the most out of any event. Read on to learn all about why these kinds of tickets can make a big difference.

Paperless Tickets Are Sustainable

When you go paperless, you don't need to print out and distribute physical tickets on paper. This can save a lot of resources when you have hundreds of people attending an event.

You also won't need to have paper badges and envelopes that contain QR codes for ticketing. People can just scan their smartphone screen. You'll save paper beyond just that the tickets take up.

Over 2/3 of consumers also consider how eco-friendly a company is when they make a purchase. If they attend a corporate event or hear about it from others, they will be happy to learn that you went paperless. They'll be more likely to choose your goods and services over competitors.

This means that you'll also make more money and develop customer loyalty with digital tickets. It protects your business and your brand as well as the environment.

You'll Be Environmentally Friendly in Multiple Ways

You're not just saving on paper with eco-friendly tickets. You're protecting the environment in tons of other ways, too.

Creating paper products like tickets emits a lot of greenhouse gases. These gases make global warming a worse problem. Ink and toners on tickets also have non-renewable chemicals in them and sourcing them takes a lot of resources.

Plus, paper tickets are almost all going to wind up in a landfill. Not everyone's going to recycle them the right way. They don't just cut down trees but sit on the ground for what could be a century.

It's best just to avoid them altogether since digital ticketing is a solid, tried-and-true alternative.

Online Ticket Buying Is Easy

When people have an easier time buying tickets, you're going to have an easier time selling them. They'll be convenient to get because interested attendees can just buy them online. They won't need to go to a physical venue to try and get the tickets.

They also won't need to wait for the tickets to be mailed out to their house. Instead, they'll be able to access them within minutes of their purchase.

Digital Tickets Are More Accessible

Paperless tickets are also just more accessible than hard copies. People tend to lose things when they're on printed paper. This is especially true of small single-use items like event tickets.

You would need to contend with people saying that they lost their tickets. The process of getting them new ones would be stressful and likely require paperwork and conversations. This would waste time in addition to printed resources.

When you use digital tickets, people are less likely to lose them. They're also less likely to spend a long time digging things out of their wallet at the event entrance. This makes registration and entrance a much simpler and smoother process.

People won't hold up the line and you can get your event started ASAP.

If someone does lose a digital ticket, it's easy for the vendor to deal with. They can just cancel it and create a replacement. Once they send it to the ticketholder's phone, the problem will resolve itself.

This isn't true for paper tickets. They may have been stolen by someone else and replacing the ticket will be harder.

Paperless Tickets Are More Secure

Lots of people think that mobile ticketing isn't secure. This is a sensible concern because it's a newer technology, but it's mostly unfounded. In fact, most people agree that digital tickets are more secure than paper ones.

When it comes to payment, people are going to be inputting the same amount of information into your website either way. But with digital tickets, you'll have more types of tech to secure that data. You can add authentication features to the app itself as well as to the tickets, which you can't do with a physical ticket.

There are tons of measures that people can take to make fraud and theft next to impossible. You can add firewalls and special features to keep unwanted users from getting tickets. You can also lock tickets to the buyer's cell phone so no one can forward the tickets.

This makes them hard to steal if someone hacked into a ticketholder's smartphone. It also makes scalping really hard. You won't need to worry about people buying tickets and selling them later at an inflated price.

Plus, since people can add their names and photos to the digital tickets, scalped tickets wouldn't even be usable. The picture would need to match the face at the door.

It's a Step Toward a Full Digital Experience

Lots of events nowadays are switching to being fully digital. Some of them even have rules against paper notepads! This might be a bit extreme, but you can still try to get people to go paperless in other ways.

Lots of people who come to events with just one notepad take home tons of paper. Lots of this is vendor information. Other papers include notes, paperwork for goods and services, and handouts and giveaways at physical tables.

But all of these things can easily be made digital! There's no reason for people to be carrying heavy things around with them that they're probably going to throw away later.

Tell your vendors and exhibitors that you're trying to have an event that's as close to paperless as possible. They'll probably be excited about it since it will protect the environment. It will also be more convenient for every single attendee, so people are really going to like it.

Most people are going to show up with smartphones and tablets anyway to take notes on. But you can also ask those who would otherwise bring paper to bring a laptop or other device. You could even offer a station where people could rent out tablets or Chromebooks for free!

Digital Marketing Is Much Easier

Event marketing is an easy way for any company to get more clients. However, using digital tickets kills two birds with one stone. You don't just get the benefits of meeting people at an event- you also make digital marketing a breeze.

You'll be able to include links to your website and social media accounts. People won't need to painstakingly seek them out on their own.

All they'll need to do is hit a link in the email you send them confirming your ticket. You could even put this link in the app itself to make things even easier!

Hyperlinks let people see your blog posts, social media posts, and event-related announcements immediately. They also bring traffic to your website, which is great for both instant visibility and SEO.

You can use this traffic to get more intel on who plans to attend your event, too. When you do this, you'll be able to better figure out how to tailor the event to your target audience. You'll build an all-around better experience for everyone.

Giveaways and Incentives Are Simple

When people buy paper tickets and have them shipped out in the mail, you can't realistically send everyone swag. It would be expensive to ship out and waste a lot of unnecessary packaging.

But with paperless ticketing, you can easily give out free digital gifts with ticket purchases! eBooks are always a good idea. So are coupon codes, paperless raffle tickets for physical items like T-shirts, PDFs with useful information, and free subscriptions to online events.

This doesn't just keep people with tickets happy and excited. It also makes people more likely to sign up for your event. They'll get free things just for buying a ticket, and that usually comes with the possibility of other free giveaways at the event itself.

Get Started With Digital Ticketing

Now you know why paperless tickets are a corporate event-planning must-have. That means it's time to get tickets to showcase your business at the Event Planner Expo.

This event is a great conference for business owners and corporate decision-makers looking to get more event ideas. You'll also have the chance to forge relationships with others in your industry.

Get your tickets today to grow and expand your business.

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