6 Beverage Options to Consider for Every New York Event You Curate

September 25, 2023 Desiree Homer

New York event planners know that the food and beverage planning are just as important as every other event element - if not more. Your guests expect a delicious meal and delectable drinks whether they’re celebrating a wedding, a birthday, a company party, or a fundraising gala. And today, we’re sharing the ultimate list of beverages to make sure you have on hand at all your NYC engagements.

1. Signature Drinks to Commemorate the Event

One of the first drinks event planners should select is the signature drink for commemorating the event. A signature drink can be a unique concoction, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, or a classic recipe. Consider giving your signature drink a name that resonates with your event’s particular theme and encourage guests to enjoy it with a special event discount price or as a freebie.

2. A Wine List That Wows

Consider working with your New York venue or catering partner to select a few choice wines to offer at your event. Top wine varieties can be a great complement to a traditional cocktail service and with dinner. And just the right labels can introduce a layer of sophistication and elegance to your event’s atmosphere.

3. Coffees and Espressos 

Your guests may need a caffeine boost throughout the event or a pick-me-up after dinner. And hot drinks like coffee are absolute must-haves on your event beverage list. But don’t just offer traditional coffee service. Really dazzle your guests with a custom espresso bar and talented baristas who can whip up frothy, fun works of sipping art.

4. Soft Drinks and Juices

Not all of your guests will be interested in fine wines, beers, or cocktails. So, it’s always a good idea to have a selection of soft drinks and juices available. Know your audience, too, since any social events with children will also need drink accommodations. These can be waitstaff-served or self-serve, just so long as they’re available.

5. Plenty of Water

Of all the unique and tasty beverages you’ll create, don’t lose sight of the basics. Keep fresh, iced water flowing all night long so your attendees remain hydrated. All that dance floor action and those high-energy networking conversations can make guests thirsty. And fresh water service is always a must, on the table and upon request.

6. Teas and Lemonades

Add variety to your non-alcoholic beverage menu options. Consider adding fruit punches, lemonades, sweet and unsweetened teas. These are always favorites, especially for summer events where refreshing, cool sips are the best. Keeping these varieties on hand will ensure that everyone can find something they love to drink at all your events.

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