Elevate Your Event's Beverage Experience with These 5 Drink Options

January 26, 2024 Jessica Stewart

“Eat, drink, and be merry” isn’t just a Holiday colloquial. Food and drink are two aspects of a corporate event that can make or break an experience no matter the time of year.

As a New York event planner, there’s a bit of a reputation that has to be held. Innovative and stunning drink displays and beverage experiences are a great way to stand out and add that extra layer of pizzazz to any corporate party or special event. 

Consider a few of the following to incorporate into your clients’ events to make their and their guests' experience that much more elevated.

1. Craft Coffee and Espresso

Coffee and espresso bars are a fantastic option for mid-day or late-night events. This could potentially include an exclusive espresso martini on the menu. But if it’s a dry New York event, just the caffeinated choices are fabulous in their own right.

Similar to craft cocktails, there could be a select menu of hand-crafted lattes and americanos, with all sorts of syrups, flavor combinations, and more. Branding and marketing efforts can be integrated easily into milk foam with coffee stencils. Or it can be more personalized with each guest’s pictures taken right there at the bar or a VIP menu.

2. Artisanal Brews

For those clients and corporate events that need a little more carbonation in life, without the spirits, think artisanal. Craft beer, mead, and ciders can be great ways to satisfy a few different palates and create some new experiences for guests, especially with a well-versed bartender.

Events that incorporate artisanal brews often benefit from having a more guided experience through the nuances of each flavor profile, tailored to what each guest might favor in a drink. This beverage option is incredibly easy to incorporate local businesses, breweries, and farms into the mix as well, from ingredients to delivery.

3. Craft Cocktail and Mocktails

Signature cocktails aren’t just for weddings. Corporate events and parties outside of the typical special occasions can benefit from a list of signature drinks. These drinks can cater to a theme, to a brand, or to a vision, depending on what a client wants and what you, as their event planner, envision.

Signature cocktails and mocktails can be as nuanced as an event demands. Use local ingredients, herbs, or spirits. And even consider this as an option for a New York brunch-hour event.

4. Hippy Dippy Kombucha and Tea

As one of the more trendy beverage options for events across the country, not just New York, Kombucha and tea bars are innovative non-alcoholic options for events. Health-conscious choices and trends have been on the rise. And people are caring a lot more about what they consume. 

Kombucha is a naturally probiotic-rich bubbly drink that’s the result of a fermentation process, similar to how mead and beer have to ferment. With an incredibly low alcohol content (alcohol is a byproduct of that fermentation,) it can be made to tingle a slew of different taste buds. Ginger, lemon, hibiscus, berry, orange, and mango are some common flavors integrated into these drinks. And guests can skip the hangover entirely.

Brewed tea can be an immersive experience in itself or a casual, sober beverage alternative. Other cultures have entire tea ceremonies and processes that can create a lovely experience for guests. Tea can also be a smaller, intimate experience that can be hand-crafted to each guest based on their preference.

5. Don’t Forget To Hydrate

Regardless of whether you choose to get a mixologist, craft brewer, or barista involved, make sure to always offer water. Have bottled, tap, flat, or sparkling on hand. It can’t be overlooked. Flavor options for water can also be added for an extra touch of taste personalization for event guests.

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