14 Incredible Event Catering Companies for NYC Events 2024

January 19, 2024 Jessica Stewart

An event isn’t quite complete without food and beverage of some kind. Some events have special requirements like Kosher, vegan, or gluten-free, which might make the event planning process a little more difficult.

As a New York Event planner, it can be even more difficult to keep up with all the catering company options. We’ve put together a list consisting of the best event catering companies in NYC for this year. As an extra tip, make sure to go over a checklist of requirements with your client to select which company will best satisfy their events’ needs.

1. Relish

Relish Caterers offers catering services for large corporate events or smaller workplace parties. Offering breakfast, lunch, and snack options, Relish can keep the masses fed and hydrated for longer events easily. Relish also offers options for innovative menus, locally sourced ingredients, and farm-to-table meals.

2. Laurence Craig Catering

Where “taste meets excellence,” Laurence Craig Catering handles buffet style or luxurious, up-scale sit-down experiences. They even handle the tablescapes for you. Sophisticated cuisine and full-service catering experiences are the name of the game with this company.

3. BITE New York

BITE’s own business description is downright mouthwatering. From cheeseburgers to caviar, BITE New York is on the eclectic side of catering and focuses as intently on the meal experience as they do on the food. Visually stunning plating techniques and impeccably mixed beverages are sure to tantalize all of the senses.

4. Savory Hospitality

Savory Hospitality is a New York City-based catering company that focuses on corporate events. Conferences, meetings, and large-scale corporate affairs are all on the table. Savory Hospitality even offers a grab-and-go concept for event clients looking for a quick and easy option. Menu options vary from poke bowls and sushi to salads and breakfast spreads.

5. Simply Divine Catering

Simply Divine covers everything from Mitzvahs to cocktail parties and even entire resort concepts. Simply Divine creates menus for a range of palates and needs with creative twists at every turn.

6. Alchemy Celebrations

Alchemy Celebrations and Cuisine extends beyond simple catering. However, their catering services and menu creation processes help develop options your clients may never have known were needed. From Mitzvahs to Anniversaries, this whimsical company has food and beverage needs covered.

7. Creative K

An offshoot of Creative Edge Parties, Creative K is a Glatt Kosher catering company that provides an unprecedented kosher catering experience. Strict supervision and innovative designs add that extra flair to those special occasions.

8. Cupa Cabana

Cupa Cabana is an espresso and coffee-specific catering company. They feature industrial and professional-grade equipment to hand-craft the beverages of coffee lovers' dreams. While based in the New York Metropolitan Area, they also serve Connecticut, New Jersey, Greater Philadelphia, and Delaware.

9. Sweet Basil Catering

Sweet Basil Catering is a woman-owned catering company providing full-service catering planning. Sweet Basil specializes in creative, seasonal cuisine. While they’ve been featured in New York Weddings magazine, their services extend well beyond this into the realm of corporate events. Interactive food stations and intimate small-scale cocktail parties are just the tip of the iceberg.

10. Pheasant NYC

Located in Brooklyn, NY, Pheasant Catering is locally sourced and seasonal whenever possible. Working relationships with multiple farms in the tri-state area help make sourcing high-quality ingredients and ethically sourced animal products a staple in this company’s menus.

11. Bartleby and Sage

Bartleby and Sage is a catering company that refines the classics, has catered MTV events, and has hosted entire Marie Antoinette-themed dessert displays. From corporate events to Mitzvahs, Bartleby and Sage create extravagant and curated menus, from cocktails to desserts.

12. Andi’s Eats

Andi’s Eats is a dessert-only deal. Innovative cake-in-a-jar displays and serving style add a casual but refined flair to any event. While they may not offer full-service catering, Andi’s is a fantastic option for smaller events, clients on a budget, and events that just need a little something sweet.

13. RAPT Hospitality

RAPT Hospitality is a Manhattan-centric luxury catering company that offers stunning displays, creative cocktails, and top-of-the-line menus. They can satisfy a range of dietary needs or restrictions and offer breakfast, seasonal meals, and grazing table options. RAPT’s cocktail menu options are impressive to boot, with top-shelf bourbon, tequila, gin, and vodka.

14. Above & Beyond Catering

Above & Beyond Catering is technically based in New Jersey. However, it also operates in the New York City Metro area. This company is certified Kosher through the Orthodox Union and has creative and especially skilled chefs who can create whole vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore-heavy menus.

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