6 Incredible Specialty Drinks for Company Summer Outings

March 28, 2023 Jessica Stewart

New York event planners are keenly aware of how important the food and beverage decisions are to any event. So when you’re curating a summer outing, a poolside celebration, or a corporate event this summer, signature and specialty drinks are brilliant additions to the menu. Introducing a signature cocktail or drink can elevate the event experience and boost the party theme. Be mindful of your guests’ preferences, of course, offering mocktail versions and flavor variations they’ll love. But to help you start thinking about summer fun, here are some of today’s most popular sips, perfect for hot summer parties and festive outdoor events.

The Party-Starting Piña Colada

Whether you’re serving individual cocktails or providing your event guests with the full pitcher, the Piña Colada is always a welcome taste of summer. Get creative with your garnishes and tiny umbrellas to make this fan favorite even more festive. And because it’s a crushed ice favorite, it’s sure to keep event-goers cool under the warm sun.

The Magical Margarita

The pinnacle of summertime party fun, the good, old-fashioned Margarita is always welcomed at New York summer outings. These specialty drinks are also favorites among event planners because there are so many ways to customize them into event signature drinks. And these drinks can easily transition into delish mocktails, too. Let your summer outing guests design their own Margarita flavors and ensure everyone loves their party sipper.

The Long Island Iced Tea

You can’t have a New York event drink list for summer parties without featuring the Long Island Iced Tea! Event planners should taste test with their mixologists before the day of the event since not all LIITs are created equal. Keep the ice flowing and the non-alcoholic refreshments in abundance, so guests can enjoy these iconic summer treats without overdoing it.

The Magnificent Mojito

Lime, sugar, mint leaves, and pure joy make the Mojito magnificent. And it’s a refreshing beverage to add to your summer outing drink menu. Get creative with other ingredients and garnishes, too. It’s one of those signature drinks that not only tastes incredible but it also adds a level of upscale enjoyment when enjoyed in a group setting.

The Luscious Lemonade Cocktails

Consider creating a full menu of specialty drinks or signature cocktails with lemonade as the primary mixer. Lemonade is a great compliment for many drink recipes. And it’s a summertime staple, whether you’re drinking it straight or with other blends and flavors. Here are a few cocktail favorites that include luscious and refreshing lemonade.

  • Vodka Lemonade
  • Outlaw Lemonade
  • Sunset Punch

The Trend-Setting Tequila Sunrise

Nothing complements a New York City sunset from a rooftop venue quite like a Tequila Sunrise. Another summer favorite, this cocktail is simple yet refreshing. Your older guests might flashback to their youth with this drink’s 70s vibes. But your younger guests will appreciate its simplicity and fantastic flavor.

Remember, you can always offer new takes on these old favorites if you need to customize your drinks. Change up the names and add extra flavor options or fruit pairings to make them great. 

And for more ideas for how to elevate your New York events, summer outings, and corporate event celebrations, make sure you get to The Event Planner Expo 2023 this October!

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