6 Top Event Catering Trends to Look for in 2024

February 21, 2024 Jessica Stewart

Delicious food is an integral part of event planning in New York. Now, more than ever, your guests expect you to accommodate a variety of dietary needs and ethical choices, all while creating an incredible (and Instagrammable!) dining experience. In order to host successful New York events, you need to stay on top of all the emerging trends so you don’t commit a catering faux pas. Fortunately, The Event Planner Expo is the perfect place to find all the latest trends in event services. Here are six top event catering trends to look for in 2024. 

1. Portable Plates

Today’s guests love to get up and move at events, whether they are enjoying the dance floor, mingling with other guests, or simply exploring the venue. That’s why portable plates are such a huge trend in 2024. Guests don’t want to leave the action just to grab a bite to eat. Instead, savvy caterers are embracing the trend of mobile snacking with creative options like dessert and coffee carts, slices of pizza on wooden paddles, or hors d’oeuvres carried through the event on elegant trays. 

2. Meatless Options

More and more guests are seeking vegetarian and vegan options, whether for ethical, health, environmental, or religious reasons. And the catering world has responded to this trend by offering a variety of meatless options or even fully vegan menus. So be sure to offer plenty of plant-based fare as part of your event production to ensure all your guests enjoy the event. 

3. Sustainable Practices

Don’t be surprised if guests ask about the sustainability of your event, including the catering. Guests at New York events are increasingly concerned with their carbon footprint and want to support companies that prioritize sustainability. In turn, catering companies have responded with things like biodegradable and compostable cutlery, recycled decor, and an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. 

4. Immersive Dining Experiences

Guests love immersive experiences, and nothing quite accomplishes that goal at your event like a unique immersive dining experience. In fact, immersive dining experiences are one of the biggest catering trends in 2024. So consider including do-it-yourself stations, like cocktail/mocktail bars, taco bars, or carving stations. Alternatively, add some drama with creative catering that’s prepared before your guest’s eyes. Elements like smoke, open flames, and artistic designs are always a hit.

5. Global Cuisine

We live in a global world, and nowhere is that more apparent than NYC. That’s also reflected in this year’s catering trends, where global cuisine has come front and center. Whether it’s taking a fresh approach to creative fusions from different cultures or celebrating authentic recipes from around the world, guests love the opportunity to sample global cuisine. So this year, make global cuisine part of your New York event planning.

6. Stunning Displays

Everyone loves to showcase stunning displays of food. And caterers are going the extra mile to make sure their food makes an impression on social media. From integrating technology with rotating tables to bold color schemes and quirky dessert arrangements, creating stunning displays is one of the hottest catering trends in 2024. So be sure to look at plenty of samples and choose a caterer accordingly for your New York events.

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