8 Best Catering Options for New York City Events

June 17, 2024 Mario Stewart

New York City event planners know a pivotal aspect of the event planning process includes choosing a catering company that is going to really wow all the guests. This crucial decision can heavily influence the overall success of the event. Whether you’re planning an extravagant corporate gala, a company team-building event, a lavish wedding, or a lively milestone celebration, the food is important. Luckily, NYC has a diverse array of culinary options to choose from that will heighten the event experience and leave your guests satisfied. 

Bring Culinary Expertise to Your Next NYC Event

One of the many perks of hiring a catering company for an event or party is that you’re not only getting delicious food and drinks, but you’re also getting the culinary expertise from a group of professionals who are devoted to assisting you in making the event a success. They help with menu planning, managing dietary restrictions, handling setup and cleanup, and creating a smooth service for your guests. Whether you’re looking for one company to cover the entire event or multiple catering options for a diverse party experience, NYC has some of the very best caterers. We explore some of our favorites!

1. The Perfect Table

The Perfect Table’s classically trained culinary team offers exceptional catering for every type of event, from a simple and intimate breakfast to a large-scale corporate gala, and everything in between. Their global cuisine inspirations will elevate your event to new heights. 

2. La Mila Catering

La Mila Catering is a true full-service catering company that NYC event planners would love to partner with. They offer innovative and diverse menu options, servers, entertainment, lighting, and more! Check out this one-stop shop for your next big event.

3. Mannya Bar Services

Complement the traditional catering company you’ve chosen with the addition of a flair bartender serving up artistic cocktail creations to really get the party started. Mannya Bar Services will enhance any occasion and bring some fun entertainment and delicious drinks your guests will be raving about.

4. Curbside Confections

For a truly unique guest experience, consider bringing in a fully-stocked candy and snack truck so your guests can indulge in some sweet treats during your event. With over 150 treats for your guests to enjoy, Curbside Confections is perfect for any type of event.

5. Choplife Catering

NYC is known for its global cuisine and Choplife Catering offers a taste of Nigeria with its vibrant flavors to party-goers all over the city. This untapped culinary experience is brought to events in a delicious and approachable way from their experienced professionals.

6. Rogue Kitchens

Rogue Kitchens is a boutique nomadic catering company providing unparalleled culinary excellence by custom tailoring your event to represent your overall vision. Their mobile catering kitchen makes it easy to prepare and execute their diverse menu on-site at your chosen venue with utmost precision.

7. Simply Divine

Dazzle your guests with a carefully curated menu for the most sophisticated of palates with the innovative culinary approach Simply Divine offers. This full-service design company can do it all, and catering is just one aspect of what they bring to the table. They’re a great partner for your next upscale NYC event.

8. Chopt

Make healthy eating approachable and delicious with Chopt. This innovative salad company offers the freshest local ingredients suitable for various dietary restrictions, making it a true crowd-pleaser. The customizable Chopt menus are perfect for in-office luncheons, team-building activities, and more!

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