10 Food & Beverage Pairing Tips for NYC Event Planners

February 28, 2024 Jessica Stewart

The party can’t go on very long without a catering plan. New York events demand excellence, and there’s nothing more excellent than pairing that event with such an award-winning and innovative cuisine scene.

Local New York Cuisine Showcase

Highlight iconic New York City dishes and flavors, such as bagels with lox, New York-style pizza, pastrami sandwiches, and cheesecake, to showcase the city's culinary diversity and give attendees a taste of the local food scenes. New York has so many subcultures to showcase, and it can be well worth it for an event to integrate aspects of each type of cuisine.

Wine and Cheese Pairings

Curate a selection of artisanal cheeses from local purveyors and pair them with various New York State wines. Some classics include Finger Lakes Riesling, Long Island Merlot, and Hudson Valley Cabernet Franc. Any combination of these complements a sophisticated tasting experience for event guests.

Craft Beer and Small Bites 

Partner with local breweries to offer a curated selection of craft beers. You can then pair them with inventive small bites and appetizers inspired by New York City's vibrant food truck scene. These bites might include gourmet sliders, franks, noodles, and street-style tacos.

Cocktail Mixology Stations

Cocktails can be as unique and curated as the event itself. With so many personalities of mixologists and crafted menu possibilities, these stations add an extra depth of flair and impressions.

Set up interactive cocktail mixology stations featuring signature New York City cocktails, such as the Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Cosmopolitan, where attendees can learn to craft their own drinks under the guidance of professional bartenders.

Farm-to-Table Fare

Source fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farmers' markets and farm-to-table suppliers to create menus that highlight the flavors of the Hudson Valley, North Fork, and other nearby agricultural regions, offering guests a taste of authentic, sustainable cuisine.

Ethnic Food Experiences

Explore the diverse ethnic neighborhoods of New York City, such as Chinatown, Little Italy, and Harlem, to discover authentic culinary treasures and offer guests immersive food experiences that celebrate the city's multicultural heritage.

Deep dive into an even more experiential event feature by creating an authentic eating space. Learn about a cuisine’s culture and experience a meal in an immersive setting that may include alternative seating or novel utensils.

Dessert Pairings

Indulge attendees with decadent dessert pairings featuring classic New York City sweets, such as black and white cookies, rainbow cookies, babka, and cronuts. 

If your client’s event requires a late-night drink option that doesn’t involve crafted spirits, consider pairing these with specialty coffee and tea selections from local roasters and tea houses.

Seasonal Menus

Create seasonal menus that reflect the changing flavors and ingredients of New York City throughout the year. Incorporating locally sourced produce, seafood, and meats offers guests a fresh, vibrant dining experience that captures the essence of each season.

Dietary Accommodations

Accommodate a variety of guest dietary preferences and restrictions, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and allergen-free options. You'll want to ensure that all event guests can enjoy the culinary offerings without compromise or limitations.

Interactive Tastings and Demonstrations

Host interactive food and beverage tastings, cooking demonstrations, and culinary workshops led by local chefs, sommeliers, and mixologists. Engage attendees and deepen their appreciation for New York City's rich culinary heritage.

More Than Just Food And Beverage Secrets at The Expo

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