Special Event Cakes & Desserts Your Guests Will Rave About

January 27, 2023 Jessica Stewart

If you haven’t had lunch today, you’re going to be in trouble. Today, we’re sharing all the best desserts and cake inspirations for all your upcoming New York events. These delectable morsels will have your tummy rumbling and your sweet tooth aching. But more importantly, all your event guests will be raving about these brilliant event treats.

Gravity-Defying Cakes

Have you seen these yet? Bring in mystifying cake designs that defy gravity! Using hidden edible supports throughout, each cake can be customized to suit your event and still leave Newton scratching his head. From cascading illusions to icing that looks like it’s pouring, start searching for artists who can bring these deliciously stunning works of art to life for your next conference or event.

Drip Cakes

Drip cakes are taking over the U.K. by storm. But they’re also ridiculously popular here in the U.S. too. You’ll find examples of these cakes, adorned with bottles of fine liquor and icing aesthetics forming delicate drips from the edges, all over social media right now. Check out the “pink gin” drip cakes as well as the classic chocolate, and bring something truly unique to your New York event.

Dessert Boards

You know how popular the appetizer samplers are at your favorite restaurant, right? Now take that concept and apply it to your dessert menu for your next event or conference. Brilliant! Guests will love a giant smorgasbord of dessert, cake, and treat samples from which to choose. And they’re great for incorporating different varieties to suit guests’ tastes, including healthier fruit options and more decadent desserts.

Bubble Cakes

These are classy and haute couture all the way. Towered cake layers, with your chosen colors, of course, then adorned with beautiful “balls” of various shapes that take on the appearance of bubbles. They’re actually gelatin bubble toppers. Great for birthday parties and milestone celebrations, these cakes are often as delicious as they are stunning to see.

Coffee & Tea-Flavored Everything

Another popular dessert trend for New York events is cake deliciously infused with robust tea and coffee flavors. And today's bakery varieties go beyond just traditional coffee cake itself. Start exploring mocha flavors, floral aromatics, chai, and latte hues for all your cakes and desserts. Your guests will adore them!

Are you hungry yet? Grab yourself a snack and then start exploring all these incredible trends that offer a new take on cake. Don't forget, too; learn more about exhibiting at The Event Planner Expo 2023 while available booth spaces last!

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