5 Social Media Event Marketing Tips That'll Make You Go Hmmm

October 15, 2019 Susan Serena

Event planners are always looking for new ways to boost their content marketing so that they can increase their audience. It’s not easy to figure out which online event marketing tips to follow because the rules seem to change by the day.

That’s why the team at The Event Planner Expo, came together to give our own audience some key takeaways that will help enhance everyone’s social media efforts. We’re not going to tell you what to post, we’re going to go over the methodology you should apply to all of your articles, webinars, live video, SMS marketing, and all other forms of events industry content marketing.

Using a solid formula for your event marketing will help you execute a productive and manageable marketing workflow that is sure to help you increase the value of the content you create.

Let’s go over 6 of the best ideas to apply to your social media event marketing.

1. Don’t believe all the “top tips” out there.

Everyone is so caught up on following online event marketing tips and simply because the title included “the best”, “top,” etc. Sure, it’s OK to take it in as good advice but what you want to do is take it all with a grain of salt. Focus on ACTIONABLE tactics. You want to include a call to action that is going to help your goal. So…

Which of the following calls to action would you say performs best?

  • A single sentence
  • Short bulleted list
  • Full paragraphs

Before we continue, now we want you to think about why you chose the one you chose? Was it simplicity? Well, it’s true that with so much content to look at daily, chances are you thought less is more. Plus, you’ve read on many blogs that it’s better to include a call to action in a short sentence. The truth is the best performing calls to action on articles are embedded in full paragraphs.  Don’t believe us, test it. If you use a website host that has the ability to test traffic on articles, find the setting that helps you analyze your calls to action to see which article is leading the way. We’ll wait…

2. Contemplate and project traffic volume.

When looking to fine-tune social media marketing, event marketers tend to focus too much on keyword science. Keywords are what pinpoints the popularity of a topic but it’s not what you should base your entire event marketing strategy on. You want to create content that is of high interest to your target audience, so yes use keywords as a topic guide but don’t base your entire marketing plan around them. Because while keywords will show you popular topic choices, they don’t tell you how well your content will rank.

3. Always stay relative.

You need to decide who your audience is and what they need.

So, don’t ask questions like: “May we have your attention please?”

However, you can ask: “Can you trust us please?”

There are many ways to achieve trust from you audience, but the top tactic would be letting your audience know that you get them. You understand their problems and want to offer solutions.

Produce relative content.

If you’re not sure where to start creating relative content, it’s time to do a live session on one of your social media platforms. Speak to your audience and really listen to their needs, and which needs are spoken about more than others. Then come up with ways that your brand can develop material that speaks their language and solves their problems.

4. Ignore the white noise.

In order for you to learn how to ignore the white noise, you must first break the habits causing your own noise. Even if your brand is producing amazing event content, you can’t distribute each type using the same methods over and over. Each platform has a tactic that works better, and each type of content is to be distributed in a way that will work best for it.

Prioritize your top events, event planning topics, and exclusive moments, and then increase your content marketing efforts with the material that makes your brand stand out the most.

5. Web metrics were not all created equally.

Not all metrics are to be treated equally. Often times, you’ll read about the importance of the time a possible lead spends on your website. How is that more important than a sales conversion? It’s not. So, it’s crucial that you consider metrics according to the context.

For example, instead of focusing on the time someone spends on your website, we’d say its way more important to calculate the value of the visitor’s experience. Are the most common questions easily found complete with answers? That leaves that visitor satisfied with how much your brand helped them, and in a short amount of time no less.

Does your brand provide a service that potential clients would want to see in action? Then you should have more images and videos than words to give them the “what you see, is what you’ll get” experience on your website.

What matters the most is organic traffic. If your website is ranking well on Google, there’s a reason for it. If not, check where your competitors rank versus your website's ranking and then decide what they’re doing that you’re not to understand why Google likes them better than you.


After reviewing these 5 social media event marketing tips, we want you to test each method one by one. After you’ve done your test run of one, come back and choose the next one. With every method you implement, your event content marketing will be more successful.

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