6 Innovative Marketing Tips to Increase Event Ticket Sales

January 24, 2020 Susan Serena

Are you one of the NY Event Planners who has had to face the issue of ticket sales staying stagnant as the event day gets closer? Make the most of ticket sales at your next conference or corporate event can be challenging at times. What you should know is that selling tickets is not just about marketing your event, it also requires sales savvy and a true understanding of your audience. The best help we can provide for event professionals that are having a tough time increasing ticket sales, is through this actionable article based on the best practices for event marketing.

In this post, we will cover recognized methods for boosting ticket sales like:

  • Creating a competition
  • Implementing different ticket types and discounts
  • Leveraging the network of your speakers
  • The right way to promote early bird registration
  • And more!

NY Event Planners should get ready to see those ticket sales make like an escalator and go up!

1. Design A Competition

Designing a competition is an excellent way for NY Event Planners to promote their event and boost ticket sales. You just have to make sure that you keep the competition relevant to your event, such as offering an award to the guest/attendee who can produce the most ticket sales through referrals.

2. Create A Facebook or LinkedIn Group

Developing a group for your event on Facebook or LinkedIn can truly help you score more ticket sales. Facebook & LinkedIn Groups allow you to collaborate group discussions, which is one of the most effective ways for NY Event Planners to organically generate conversations about your event. It’s important that you make your group public so that you’re able to invite both registered attendees and non-registered attendees whom might be interested in attending.

3. Create Different Ticket Types and Discounts

When NY Event Planners consider an event management platform, they need to be sure to choose one that offers the option of selecting various ticket levels. For instance, you can offer an early birl special, premium ticket option, in addition to an option for people who won’t be able to attend like a virtual live feed option. The more you’re able to accommodate any audience type, the higher your ticket sales will be.

4. Advertise in the Space You Already Own

Promoting your event in imaginative places like your social media cover photo or email signature is an easy (and free) way to let your audience know about your event. You must include a link to the registration page or ticket-purchasing page of your event website.

5. Create an Email Newsletter 

Newsletters are possibly the most successful event promotion strategy. The reason for that is that email newsletters are generally sent to an audience that has subscribed to your updates which means they’ve already expressed interest in your events. So the odds of this audience following through with buying event tickets they see listed in your newsletter is higher since they’re already engaged with your content.

6. Make A Creative Event Name with Strong Branding

While this may seem simple, having a solid event brand can make an enormous difference for NY Event Planners. Using an inventive name for your event will grab more people’s attention than a dull or long, complex name. Strong branding is crucial when selling event tickets. A well-designed and consistent logo, event name, and brand, across the board will work wonders for the power of your event.

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