5 Clever B2B Event Marketing Strategy Ideas

January 28, 2020 Susan Serena

Bizzabo conducted a survey that consisted of 400 mid to senior-level event marketing pros, and it turns out that a surprising majority of C-suite executives (87%) believe that live events will become progressively significant to their companies and are looking to invest more in them. What are the likely options to successfully use this budget to take advantage of the benefits of this unique opportunity with clients? How can we guarantee our events are what everyone is talking about or at least creating a buzz amid our prospects?

We’ve collected a list of 5 groundbreaking B2B event marketing strategies to inspire Event Planners in NYC. With any luck, your next event just might make the next spot on this list.

Source: Namely

1. Create a Hackathon

Namely is an HR software company who hosts an annual Hackathon for its consumers that helps build up the buzz for their annual event known as the HR Redefined Summit. Their customers team up with the Namely employees for a 24-hour hackathon that develops brand new Namely tools or feature improvements. This event not only helps Namely engage their consumers but it’s also a great event to engage their members.


Source: Wistia

2. Select an Exciting Venue

While Event Planners in NYC know that New York is a great playground for exciting events, you can also think outside the box and organize an event on a private island somewhere in the Caribbean. Now that would be a stimulating event!  Up to now, Wistiafest was Wistia’s yearly event for video marketers but then in 2017, they organized a sunset cruise as part of their event. Attendees had the opportunity to network and socialize all while learning more about Wistia as the ship cruised around Boston for the night.


Source: agencyEA

3. Design an Interesting Venue

To follow the last concept on developing excitement, Event Planners in NYC that can’t rent or find an appropriate venue, should then design one. GE’s Healthymagination campaign is an excellent example of experiential marketing in a B2B setting. In cahoots with agencyEA, they created realistic environments of clinics and hospitals in disadvantaged parts of the world with demos of how GE’s healthcare technology plays a vital part in such circumstances. Since GE wasn’t able to bring the attendees to the actual site, so they decided to bring the site to them instead.


Source: VRfocus

4. Stimulating Event Swag

Of course, Event Planners in NYC want their attendees to leave their event with wonderful memories and experiences. But a little swag can go a long way and leave lasting impressions. At the 2018 F8 conference, Facebook’s event organizers formed a lot of hype by distributing a free Oculus Go VR Headset to all of their attendees. This was a great way to introduce the product because at the time, the device wasn’t planned to hit the market yet. While you may not be able to hand out a branded piece of technology before it hits the market, this is a great example to show Event Planners in NYC how exciting freebies can create generate buzz and leave a lasting impression.

Source: B2B News Network

5. Customized Event Branding

INBOUND is HubSpot’s yearly mega event for all things linked to inbound marketing. As a matter of fact, this annual event is so powerful that it has grown as an event brand together with HubSpot’s main brand. By investing in the complete event branding, planners stand to create something really exclusive. Event Planners in NYC shouldn’t limit themselves to marketing an event only through their own company brand. Make it so that your event stands out on its very own.


Event Planners in NYC should explore their options and let their creativity flow to allow their events to emulate their brand’s value, business model and influences. You should never restrict yourself to any one of these 5 ideas. Try to mix-and-match or simply use this as a resource to inspire the next event industry trend! If you need more ideas for your event marketing strategy, feel free to browse through our blog!


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