7 Proven Strategies to Increase Event Ticket Sales

January 30, 2020 Jessica Stewart

In the United States, event ticket sales will reach an estimated $30,579 million in 2019.

With so many concerts, sporting, and other events, it might seem difficult to help your event stand out. Lucky for you, there are many proven ways that can help you increase sales.

Read on to learn how to increase event ticket sales. 

1. Price Your Tickets Right

If you want to increase your tickets sales, the first thing you need to do is price the event right. It's important to find a balance when finding the right price for the tickets.

Price it too high, and not many people will attend. On the other hand, pricing it too low will not help you cover the costs. 

The key is to price the ticket just right so you can cover the cost of the event and still make a profit.

2. Try Tiered Pricing

While some people like to get the VIP treatment, others are happy just showing up at the event. If you want to sell more tickets, you should consider tiered pricing. 

This way you will be able to offer tickets at different price points based on what people are willing to pay. For example, you can charge extra for floor tickets or VIP areas.

3. Keep Your Sales at a Peak

There are two kinds of ticket buyers -- the ones who buy the day they go on sale and the ones that wait until the day before.

Your tickets will peak the day they go on sale and will go on a slump until the day before the event.

To prevent ticket sale slumps, you can create mini peaks. For example, you can offer presale tickets, deal of the day, and other discounts in between.

4. Strategic Discount

If you're going to offer discounts, make sure you're smart about it. For example, offer discounted tickets for large groups in order to encourage them to invite more people to attend.

You can also partner with nearby businesses and offer event goes discounts at those establishments.

5. Create an Event Page

There's nothing worse for an event goer than to struggle to buy the tickets. If you want to increase ticket sales, make sure you create a great page for your event.

Have all of the important information about the event in one place and make it easy for them to hit the buy button.

6. Go Outside Your Target Audience

On top of letting your target audience know about your event, why not discover a new audience.

You never know who is ready to discover something new. However, make sure the new audience overlaps in some way when you plan your event marketing strategy. 

7. Find Some Sponsors

Finding partners and sponsors is one of the best ways to promote your event and increase sales. 

Partnering up with brands is a two-way street that increases exposure for all parties. 

Increasing Event Ticket Sales: The Bottom Line

Now that you know about these proven strategies to increase event ticket sales, you're ready to rock your next event.

Remember to price the tickets right, offer tiered pricing, create a killer event page, and find some sponsors.

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