Best Event Planning Apps

May 4, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

People are quickly gearing towards a “mobile first” frame of thinking and heavily relying on their phones for communication, leisure, shopping, social media, and even work. As times are changing, so is the way people attend, organize, and plan for events. It’s important that event planners stay up to date with event technology and learn how to utilize mobile event apps.  

With all of the innovative elements and capabilities event planning apps bring to the event experience, coordinators are encouraged to use them for the entire process. Not only is it convenient for attendees but it allows you to gather data about your attendee’s behaviors that will help you produce a more efficient and strategic itinerary. By monitoring content and engagement, you will be able to generate accurate and updated data that will optimize the success of your event.

Some of the essential features mobile event apps have to offer meeting professionals are:

  • Personal Itinerary: Allows you to create your own personal itinerary and share your conference program.
  • Attendee Profiles: Helps simplify networking before & after the conference.
  • Venue Map: Helps both exhibitors and attendees maximize their experience by providing views of the exhibitor floor.
  • Sponsor Module: Provides a great advertising platform for sponsors.
  • Bios: You can feature speakers by highlighting their contact and background information.
  • Travel: Provides easily accessible information regarding accommodations for all attendees that may be coming in from out of town.
  • Alerts: Allows you to share all last minute changes and updates by providing instant push notification.
  • Polling: Assists with the ability to increase meeting engagement with surveys and live polls regarding speakers, workshops, etc.
  • Speaker Materials: Provides access to online data, documents, presentations, and recordings.
  • Social Media Feed: Inspires participants to promote, follow, and share conference information.


Here are three recommended event management apps to consider:

1. Double Dutch

2. Guidebook

3. Bizzabo

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