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August 17, 2015 Megan Stoeckel

As event planners and marketers, we are always looking for the best promotional giveaways the industry offers. Undeniably, there is always a way to improve your strategy in selecting products that will fit the audience’s particular needs and wants. A branded product campaign can really be beneficial because the attendee gets a free gift, and you get to market your business by customizing the item with your company’s logo and contact information. The statistics below can be used as advice on what works and what doesn’t as far as promo items go. Consider it an informational giveaway that can help increase the chance of giving away things that people actually appreciate.

The statistics you see above from Sourcing City are the top 20 products categorized based on average product value. Two groups that were not included in this report are specialist clothing resellers  and sales of clothing by textile printers. The data contained in this report was tracked over several years, and one thing that stayed consistent was promotional bags being in the top tier for this metric. Although the 2nd and 3rd ranked groups of promotional items (pencils, pens, and plastic items) seem to sell more in volume, the market value shows to be still less than the promotional bags. Confectionary resulted in being the most significant area of growth as it moved into the number four position ahead of other strong categories like clothing, mugs, and electronic equipment.

Highest Rising Product Group Analysis

  • USB Accessories increased by .9%
  • Mobile Phone Accessories increased by .8%
  • Confectionaries increased by .7%
  • Promotional Bags increased by .6%
  • Promotional Umbrella sales decreased by .4% (Note, the good weather could be attributed to this.)

It’s vital to keep track of the areas of development for promotional products and know what the future trends in the market are. The largest growth in this area was seen in the USB accessories and also in the mobile phone accessories. The tip here is that although people always ask “what’s new in promotional products,” they still remain buying the old favorites.


This side by side comparison from the past two years shows the difference in sales. You can see the subtle changes that there were in the order of attractiveness. Nevertheless, the most interesting statistic is that the top 20 items from 2014 are all still in the top 20 ranking, just in a 

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