An Event Planner's Guide On Where NOT TO Post on Social Media

September 23, 2022 Susan Serena

If you're an New York Event Planner who has a presence on social media, then chances are you already know what kinds of marketing strategies work best.

If this is true, then it's time to start thinking about where not to post on social media.

There's nothing wrong with posting about your event planning business everywhere, but there are some places where it can get annoying pretty fast if you're not careful.

Plus, if you’re target audience isn’t hanging out on specific platforms, it may not make sense to post much on certain platforms at all.

Here are some social media behaviors you should avoid when trying out new marketing strategies for your New York event planning business:

You can market your New York event planning business on social media without becoming annoying.

Remember, you're not trying to sell anything. You're just connecting with your audience and giving them a glimpse into the world of event planning.

Here are some tips for using social media without being annoying:

Be authentic and genuine. Don't try too hard to be something you're not (unless you're an actor or model, in which case it makes sense).

In general, be yourself when talking about events and projects that have come from your own heart or mind. It isn't possible to fake authenticity on social media so don't even try!

If you try too hard at first, people will see right through it and stop following your posts if they feel like their time is being wasted with artificial content that doesn’t really interest them in any way whatsoever (or worse yet - make them cringe).

Remember: people want real connections. They aren’t looking for “fake news" or "alternative facts" - they want honest conversations where everyone gets involved as equals...and hopefully end up feeling empowered by what they see/do/read online!

Be yourself AND market yourself appropriately​! Don't go overboard with self-promotion unless 100% necessary (for example: if someone asks what sort of events planners do because ​they​ need one themselves.)

This can lead down a slippery slope where some may start thinking this person only cares about money instead of making others happy/​having fun together :( ... so don't forget about balance between having fun/​healthy relationships while also keeping up with business responsibilities :)

Social media platforms you should avoid when trying out NEW marketing strategies for your New York event planning business:

Facebook: it’s not as effective for event planning businesses as it is for other types of businesses.

Facebook will work fine if you are promoting an event that is already established, but it’s not the best tool for building brand awareness or driving traffic to your site.

It also isn’t very good at generating leads and converting those leads into clients. If you want to do more than just promote your events, then this platform isn’t going to be very helpful.

However, if you’re just looking to get some exposure and drive traffic, then Facebook ads may be right up your alley.


Twitter: because it’s full of people who are trying to sell you stuff and celebrities sharing every random thought (not gonna get any leads out of there).

You won’t find people looking for event services on Twitter, and they won’t be interested in your message. Their goal is to get you to tweet so they can sell you something else.

If you’re looking to try out a new marketing strategy for your event planning business, we recommend avoiding these three social media platforms.

While they may seem like the obvious places to start, they’re actually not the best places to try something new and different.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all very saturated with businesses trying to get their attention. If you want to stand out in this crowded market, it’s better to try something less common.

Snapchat: isn’t a good place to promote your event planning business. This social media platform is primarily used by teens, tweens and 20-somethings.

It’s not designed for promoting businesses or brands in any way, so it doesn’t make sense to use it as your main marketing tool.

Instead of spending time on Snapchat trying to build relationships with potential clients, focus on other platforms where people are looking for information about your services and products.

Reddit: is a great source for updates on trending news and events, but it’s not a great place to promote your own events.

Redditors are very opinionated and often don’t take kindly to being marketed to when they’re just looking for information about other things.

If you try to post about your event on Reddit, it’s likely that most people will ignore or downvote your post instead of engaging with it. This can hurt the reputation of your brand and make potential customers wary of using your services.

Instead of trying to use Reddit as a way to reach potential clients, focus on creating engaging content that will help them learn more about you and what makes you different from other companies in your industry.


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Remember, the goal of marketing is not just to get people to like you or follow you, it’s also about getting them to do business with you.

We’re not saying that this is an easy task, because it isn't.

When posting on social media, try to understand what makes your potential customers happy and what THEY need. They'll be eager to hire someone who understands them if you do this!

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