How to Build a Social Media Following...And Get Them to Stick Around

January 14, 2020 Susan Serena

Growing your social media following can be a struggle. When a plain egg can dethrone a celebrity for "most-liked Instagram post", you wonder how you can compete.

You know social media is the key to bringing attention to your business, your company's events, and services.

Want to learn how to build a social media following and get them to stick with you? We've got the ultimate guide right here -- take notes!

Know What You Want

What do you want out of your social media strategy? Growing your following isn't enough; you need to be more specific.

Your goal can include something like finding your niche audience. You might want to your posts to get more engagement.

Figure out what specific goals your business needs to meet. Build your social media plan with that metric in mind.

Use the Right Channels

The average person has around seven social media accounts. That doesn't mean your message will reach them on all of those channels.

Do your research to find out where your audience likes to hang out online. For example, Facebook is popular across most age groups but Instagram is preferred by a younger audience.

Be Social

It's called social media for a reason! If you want people to keep coming back, you have to be present and socialize.

Don't just mindlessly post things to your page. If someone comments on a post, comment back.

Like your audience's comments and posts. Answer all of your reviews, too -- even the negative ones.

Pay to Play

Do you know that saying "you've got to spend money to make money"? Nowhere is that truer than on social media.

Facebook is a perfect platform to build up your initial social media following that you can eventually direct to other channels. It allows you to make fine-tuned ads that show up in your desired audience's feed.

Add Your Accounts Everywhere

Your social media accounts don't only live on those platforms. There are plenty of opportunities to promote your channels everywhere.

For example, you can add your Facebook and Instagram links on your YouTube and Google My Business Pages. Your email footer is prime real estate to add links to your various accounts.

Run a Contest

Really want people to like and follow you online? Give something away for free! There's nothing like a good old-fashioned giveaway to get eyeballs on your page.

Make sure you follow the social media channel's guidelines for contests. You don't want to get flagged or have your post taken down.

Be Consistent

One of the most important social media tips to build a big following is to be consistent. Don't let your accounts languish for days without an update.

If you feel you might be overwhelmed with work, sit down and make a social media calendar. You can schedule your content to go live at certain times, just keep an eye on it.

How to Build a Social Media Following the Easy Way

Now that you know how to build a social media following, what are you waiting for? Get your numbers up online and you'll see them reflected in real-world conversions, too.

Learn more about being social online by being social in real life. Contact us today to connect with people who can help take your business to the next level!


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