5 Quick Tips on How to Rock Facebook Ads for Event Planners

October 5, 2019 Susan Serena

The average business spends up to $2,000 on Facebook ads per month. They are extremely scalable and an invaluable took for all types of advertising. Corporate event planners should know how to take advantage of Facebook's ads. 

If you want to rock Facebook and not flush your budget down the drain, you'll need to do some planning. It's really easy to spend thousands while running in place on Facebook metrics.

Use this brief guide to help you quickly adapt and master the Facebook ad format.

1. Focus on Your Objective

As an event planner, you have to choose the right objective to get the most engagement. You'll save a lot of time and money if you focus on your objective from the start. While it can look confusing at first, the best choices from Facebook's objective list are:

  • Conversions
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Reach

If your objective is to get people to attend your event, you need conversions for email sign-ups and an event page to send traffic to. If your ad is a video spot, conversions are still your best bet.

2. Create Relatable Content

Your Facebook ads need to have a personal touch to them. Maybe the video could present the event from an attendee's perspective? Emphasize the celebration of the event and try not to bore customers too much with statistics.

You want to attract both insiders and 3rd parties who may have never heard of your brand before.

3. Don't Market to Everyone

While creating an ad that is too esoteric is negative, so is one that is too broad. You don't want to get desperate and dumb down the ad campaign too much. Know your demographics, do some split testing, and focus your ads on the most valuable customers.

A focused ad campaign is also one way to lower your event budget.

4. Boost Posts

All Facebook posts can be "boosted" to widen your reach without watering down the message. It's really cheap, too, costing only $5 to start. Boosting is a great compliment to any non-video posts, especially.

On top of catching the attention of followers who may have missed your first attempt, boosted posts show up on "friends of fans" pages. It can also act as an alternative form of advertising to any users with matching interests.

5. Don't Hard Sell the Event

Whatever you do, don't shoot yourself in the foot by making your ad look blend in with spam. Corporate events should look like festivals and valuable networking opportunities, not branded sales pitches.

Yes, even if your event is essentially a way to generate more sales, cleverly disguise it with amenities, guest lists, and giveaways.

Rock Facebook Ad Trends

We hope you took some notes! Try to get these Facebook ads as close to on-brand as possible. Know your target audience and remember this event is a time for celebration as much as it is an investment. 

To truly rock Facebook, you must keep your ear to the ground. Read these five event trends to watch for this year. Become the industry leader and everyone will follow.


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