Using Social Media to Increase Ticket Sales

October 6, 2021 Susan Serena

You are ultimately responsible for making your event successful. One way to do this is to use technology to drive ticket sales for your event.

A recent survey found that the most challenging aspect of sales (including marketers selling event tickets) is finding new prospects. Moreover, 36% of the survey respondents said that making the sales is more challenging. In both of these critical areas, modern event ticket sales strategies can offer you some important insights.

Here are the highlights of this post:

  1. Best time to sell event tickets online
  2. How to boost ticket sales
  3. Best method to increase conversions
  4. Top 5 online ticket sales tools

Best time to sell event tickets online

Ticket sales should begin as soon as possible. This year more than ever, increasingly savvy consumers are seeking information prior to making a purchase. People are always on the lookout for the latest news and updates. In fact, Almost one-third of buyers immediately connect with an event brand when they find out about it online. Following their own research, they will verify the brand's credentials and reach out to them directly. That means that within hours after reviewing your online presence, they're ready to take action and buy.

How to boost ticket sales

Online purchases totaled 1.8 billion last year alone. Globally, smartphones were the most popular device for digital shopping in the first quarter. As a matter of fact, mobile shopping has been identified as one of the most prominent features of commerce that you can tap into to boost your sales in the coming year and beyond.

Also, make sure that you have a mobile-friendly website, or an app, in addition to having a regular ticketing site. You can easily allow potential attendees to register for your event on their mobile devices with a mobile sales platform. Because of this, it is crucial to have an appropriate tech stack in place before you start. 

Best Method to Increase Conversions

You have all of a few seconds to capture someone's attention. The interactive features on your site are a perfect way to do that. Adding videos to a ticket landing page is extremely effective. Research suggests that 21% of visitors on your landing pages will view videos when provided with the option to do so, and a purchase is practically guaranteed. Whether it's a highlight reel from last year’s event, interviews with brands ' representatives, or videos explaining what type of ticketing packages are available, video content could increase sales anywhere from 20 to eighty-six percent.  

Top 5 Online Ticket Sales Tools

With better sales strategies and more advanced software, online ticket sales have steadily grown by 8.3% in the U.S. these past five years.

If your website doesn't already contain a ticketing platform, you'll need one as well as other digital sales tools. One or more of the following online ticket sales tools may be of benefit to you, depending on which you choose.

1. Cvent

2. Eventbrite


4. Ticketbud

5. TicketLeap


Make the process of selling event tickets as easy as possible by using the best technology. Build a sense of urgency with early-bird special pricing, limited time offers, and top-notch marketing copy. Offer discounts to large groups and make the most of your social media platforms by developing creative collaborations, contests, and giveaways. In other words, make your event’s presence exciting and known anywhere you can online.

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