Event Sponsorship Opportunities Event Planners Should Consider

October 28, 2022 Desiree Homer

Calling all event planners! Here’s a piece of advice you might need to hear again. We're often sharing tips and insights for developing and selling sponsorships to your various events. While you’re creating your own sponsorship opportunities with corporate events you’re planning, don’t forget the many business-growing advantages of being a sponsor yourself! Don't just practice developing and selling sponsorships for your events. Take your own advice and leverage the countless benefits to help grow your brand, build your reputation, and land more business. Here are some events that New York event planners should consider sponsoring.

New Venue Open Houses

Show your support for local New York City businesses by attending new venue open houses. You can be a sponsor and showcase your event planning business as you demonstrate your connection to the community's newest restaurant, nightclub, or event space. Introduce yourself and your company. Ask for a tour and offer to sponsor the open house. Get your name out there and build new, strategic relationships with exciting new venue hotspots at the same time!

New Business Ribbon-Cuttings

Another way to show your support for the community is by attending local ribbon cuttings. Welcome new companies, small businesses, and services by being a sponsor of their ribbon-cutting event. Maybe sponsor the snacks and drinks and help spread the word. Be a supporting force for any new brands in your community and build your own reputation as an events expert.

Charity and Non-Profit Events

Get involved with local charitable organizations and look for sponsorship opportunities you can leverage to give back. You can also position your event planning brand as a caring and supportive entity. Find causes you value personally and professionally. Then look for public sponsorship ways to demonstrate your support.

Events Industry Conferences

If there’s an opportunity to ever help grow or improve the events industry, get involved! Whether it’s a sponsorship of an events trade show or conference or as an exhibitor or participant, your event planning business will benefit. Opportunities to learn from the industry are always worth exploring. And whenever you have a chance to brand your event planning services in a position of expertise among industry colleagues, you’ll leverage many advantages.

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