How Selling Event Sponsorships Is a Game-Changer for Your Business

October 7, 2022 Desiree Homer

Still not selling event sponsorships for your events? Are you worried that you won’t attract sponsors, in general? Or maybe you’re hesitant to sell what you’ve not sold before. 

It’s understandable. But if you have hopes of growing your event planning business, sponsorships and selling value opportunities with each event is the quickest way to get there. If you need additional validation about the effectiveness of sponsorships as part of your event planning strategy, keep reading. Sponsorships are absolute game-changers for your business!

Why Sponsorships Are Such Powerful Tools

Sponsorships, believe it or not, are the most effective and mutually beneficial way to get a return on investment with your event or conference. Because the sponsorship is already a powerful form of advertising, it presents real value before you even begin to try and sell it. Companies and brands will opt-in to sponsorships readily, especially if your event represents their target audience. 

Additionally, sponsorships are versatile and potentially suitable for almost any event. You can develop robust sponsorship opportunities based on a variety of event segments, including:

  • Keynote or Guest Speaker Sponsors
  • Door Prize or Swag Sponsors
  • Games or Entertainment Sponsors
  • Meal or Beverage Sponsors
  • Venue Sponsors

Key Sponsorship Selling Points

When you’re seeking sponsors for your events, you can lead with your best event planning foot forward and position the sponsorship opportunity as a unique value proposition.

Demonstrate to your prospects that:

  • A sponsorship package will help increase awareness of their brand.
  • A sponsorship package will provide them with a direct channel to their target audience.
  • A sponsorship package might present speaking and mention opportunities. 
  • A sponsorship package will provide them with an opportunity to build relationships with new potential clients.
  • A sponsorship package will position their brand as a leader or authority in a particular space.

What’s In It for the Event Planner?

As an event planner, you can expect significant returns with every sponsorship package you sell. And when you tier your package offerings, you make it easy for small, medium, and large contributions to your event. 

Cost-Effective Benefits

Depending on what type of New York event you’re planning, a sponsorship initiative will help you offset the costs of planning. Some sponsors will opt-in to cover promotional expenses, audiovisual equipment costs, or even venue expenses. If you execute effectively, you can cover a host of event planning costs, making your event more profitable.

Boost Your Brand and Event Credibility

When you align your event planning business with reputable sponsors, you send a message that you, too, are a reputable brand. And when well-known brands sponsor your event, they lend that credibility to the event, as well. That alone can drive attendee numbers upward and make your event even more of a success in the eyes of your client.

Reach More People

Even with every marketing tool in your event planner toolbox, there will be limits on how many potential attendees you can reach to invite to your conference or New York event. But when you bring in sponsors, who will share their initiative with their audiences, you organically reach a broader audience with your brand. Imagine the client growth potential if you could tap into the audiences of additional sponsors!

Keep these key advantages in mind when you start developing your sponsorship strategy. Selling sponsorships can be a game-changing element, translating to immediate boosts in performance and company growth!

Learn more about sponsorships and other event planning business strategies by attending The Event Planner Expo 2022! Reach out to our team for remaining exhibitor opportunities and to get your tickets!

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