How to Find the Best Promotional Sponsors for Your NY Event

May 12, 2023 Mario Stewart

New York event planners should always be developing methods for securing event sponsors. Sponsorships are mutually beneficial and can infuse your event budget in a big way. But even with a great strategy for building sponsorship packages and perks, you’ll still need to create a strategy for finding and securing those valuable promotional sponsors. Here are some genius tips to help you do just that.

Look Within the Industry

Start your sponsorship target list by looking at the event’s specific industry. For example, if you’re planning a corporate event for a financial company, look for brands or businesses that might also benefit from reaching the attendees in this crowd. In another example, maybe you’re curating a conference for a tech company, in which case you’d look for tech-related brands for various event sponsorships. Look for those potential sponsors who would find value because of shared industry segmentation. 

Connect with Sponsors Who Share Event Goals

You can then create another list of sponsorship prospects that represent those companies that share similar interests or event goals. For example, if you’re curating an event that features themes and causes to better the environment, you might find sponsors who fiercely contribute to the same eco-friendly goals and sustainability. If you’re planning a charity fundraising event to benefit a local hospital, you can find sponsors who also contribute to the same cause or beneficiary.

Advertise Sponsorship Opportunities As Much As You Do the Event

Create a separate marketing and advertising strategy for your sponsorship opportunities. Showcase levels of participation on your social media channels, on the event’s dedicated website, within your event’s app, and via press releases. Highlight the benefits of your sponsorship packages, showing “what’s in it for them” first. And don’t forget to create a large-ticket option, with high-value price points, for those big, opt-in participants.

Work Your Contact Lists for Sponsorship Referrals

Develop a series of email marketing campaigns that target your existing contacts and networks. Share the incredible value of sponsorship for your event and ask recipients to refer others who might benefit from the opportunities. Delegate your networks to help spread the word within their circles to get maximum exposure for your promotional sponsorship opportunities.

Create your event sponsorship packages and then tap into these methods for reaching out and landing the best promotional sponsors for every New York event you curate!

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