Unlock the Power of Event Sponsorships with These Key Insights

March 27, 2023 Mario Stewart

New York event sponsorships don’t just boost your event budget. They also harness the power of increased exposure, better attendee engagement, and more impressive results. Here’s how New York event planners can unlock all that sponsorship power to create even bigger, more impressive event experiences.

Grow Your Event Location Options

Stop boxing yourself in with those few New York City venues you always turn to as backdrop for your events. Explore in-kind sponsorship opportunities with other, even bigger venues that are equally interested in growing their brand awareness. Upgrade your New York conference, corporate event, or social celebration with the right venue sponsor.

Sponsorships for More Interactive Events

Create a list of all the event amenities you wish you could incorporate but maybe can’t because of limited event budgets. Now take that list and target sponsorship prospects who might be interested in paying for those interactive extras, including photo booths, augmented reality, or virtual reality activities. Sponsors love the opportunity to be a part of something innovative and fun. And your event can elevate its interactive premises with these added elements.

Broader New York Event Exposure

As a New York event planner, you already have a sizable network. And you’ll reach out to that network to share the news of your upcoming event. But if you need even broader New York exposure, sponsors can help in a big way. Because their networks are different or bigger than yours, your sponsors can drive increased awareness and response to your event.

Once a Sponsor, Always a Sponsor

If you're able to create and deliver incredible value with one sponsorship experience, you can be sure those sponsors will always come back for more. Develop robust sponsorship tracking metrics and strong follow-up strategies to build those relationships rooted in value. And you can build a list of potential sponsors who you can always turn to with future events.

Bigger Audiences, More Leads

There’s another side effect of having greater exposure and awareness for your event. The bigger the audience, the more RSVPs. The more attendees who arrive, the more leads and prospects become available. For you and your participating brands and vendors, the better the turnout, the fuller your funnel gets.

Start unlocking the power of event sponsorships with every New York conference or social celebration you plan this year! Keep these insights in mind. And be sure you also tap into the power of The Event Planner Expo 2023, coming up soon this October!

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