How to Use AR to Map Your NYC Event Layouts

March 22, 2024 Mario Stewart

When you’re planning events in the greatest city in the world, you have to be on the cutting edge. And we hate to break it to you, but paper maps are so last year. The next big thing is AR, also known as augmented reality. And it’s everywhere.

So, stop forcing your attendees to navigate your NYC events like 15th-century explorers. Ditch the paper maps; no one knows which way north is anyway. In this article, we’ll show you how to use AR to map your NYC event layouts.

What Is an AR Map?

An AR Map enhances the user’s experience by superimposing digital elements into the real world. These digital elements guide and inform the user’s journey. The digital element can simply be a line “drawn” on the floor, leading the user to a destination. Or the digital element could be pop-up text that alerts the user to nearby features, such as the restrooms or a refreshment stand.

AR Maps work by using the camera on your smartphone. Simply hold your smartphone upright, and you’ll see the digital elements overlaid with the images captured by your camera. Sometimes the digital element will generate sound, such as when an avatar says “Follow me” before leading you through the crowd to your destination. Or you may be able to click on a digital element to make a choice or to access more information.

The most common example of an AR map is found within Google Maps. You can go for a walk right now and use “Live View” within Google Maps’ walking mode to get a feel for what an AR map is. Communities, festivals, museums, and more are developing their own interactive AR maps for their locations. And you can use AR maps to improve your NYC events.

How AR Maps Enhance Your NYC Events

AR maps give your NYC events that high-level, bougie vibe. Interactive and engaging, AR maps hold your attendees’ attention far better than paper maps stuffed in their pockets. Use AR maps to make your NYC events better in all sorts of ways, including:

  • Make exhibitors and sponsors easier to find with a search bar.
  • Make it easy to expand information about any feature of the event.
  • Integrate the event’s schedule with the map to increase attendance at key presentations.
  • Engage attendees with entertaining avatars and charming digital art.
  • Gather and analyze data about your event’s foot traffic.

How to Build an AR Map for Your NYC Events

If you’re ready to stop using a compass and the stars to map your NYC events, then we have the lowdown on how to use AR to map your event’s layout.

Define Goals and Features for Your AR Map

Decide what you need your AR map to do, exactly. Obviously, any map should be able to get the user from point A to point B. In addition to this basic goal, you may want to use the AR map to increase brand recognition, promote specific areas of your event, or gather key data. Keep in mind, the more features your AR map has will also increase its costs.

Choose an AR Navigation Vendor

Creating effective and professional AR maps isn’t a DIY gig. You’ll need the help of a professional outfit to enhance your AR map with all the AR bells and whistles and make sure it’s compatible with both Android and Apple phones.

Provide Your AR Vendor with Your Event’s Layout

First, your AR vendor needs to know the scale of your venue. Check with your venue provider for blueprints, floor plans, or even drone footage. 

Your AR vendor will also need to know the location of exhibits, sessions, presentations, and other elements of your event. They’ll also need an overview of how different elements of your event fit together, for example, should attendees visit one area before visiting another area.

Finally, provide information about key landmarks and features that the AR map can use to guide people to their destinations.

Work With Your AR Map Vendor to Get the Details Right

During this stage of AR map creation, you’ll want to make sure every element of the AR map reflects your client’s brand and values. Likely, you’ll also reach out to sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers to receive informative write-ups that can appear within the AR map.

Test, Test, and Test Some More

You’ll want to make sure all the bugs are worked out before you unveil your event’s AR map. Have several people on your team download and use the AR map to make sure it’s operating properly.

Make a Great Impression with AR Maps for Your NYC Events

No one wants to be behind the times. And in our digital world, paper maps are from a bygone era. You’ll boost your client’s brand reputation (and your own reputation) when you incorporate an AR map into your NYC events. Engaging, fun, and easy to use, AR maps take your NY events to the next level. Attend the Event Planner Expo to learn more about more ways AR can enhance your NYC events. Reserve your booth at The Event Planner Expo 2024, today!

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