4 Advantages of Exhibiting at The Event Planner Expo

March 26, 2024 Mario Stewart

Because you’re in the event planning industry, you know there are just certain conferences every year that are absolute MUST ATTENDS. The Event Planner Expo in New York City might be at the top of your list. And you know this high-energy event is chock-full of networking opportunities, learning empowerment, and lead generation potential. But don’t just attend The Expo this October. Take your Expo engagement to the next level and step up as a high-profile exhibitor on the Trade Show Floor of the Metropolitan Pavilion! This Day 3 experience brings a full suite of business and professional development benefits. Read this and see why you can’t afford to miss out on reserving your booth space!

1. Unparalleled Brand Visibility

Top event planning professionals flock to The Event Planner Expo to learn and grow their businesses. But top company decision-makers, marketers, and brand representatives also come because they know the best of the best are in the room. And this kind of targeted brand visibility is unmatched anywhere else! When you set up shop as an exhibitor, you send a message to the 2,000+ attendees that you’re open for business!

2. Potential to Generate Leads 

Those C-level executives, corporate decision-makers, and company directors are also bringing their event budgets with them to The Expo. Every year, countless participants walk away with highly coveted leads and new business opportunities. And when you establish your event planning business as a high-profile exhibitor, you can prepare for lead-generation activity to keep you busy all day! Some of our past exhibitors report having secured multiple deals, closing some of them on the spot and right at their booths!

3. Form Strategic Partnerships with Top-Tier Event Services

When you establish your event planning business on the Trade Show Floor, you align with 50+ top brands and fellow event professionals. You become a part of The Expo community of exhibitors, allowing you to form coveted and strategic partnerships your business needs to succeed. Meet high-profile event caterers, event entertainers, event planners, hotels and hospitality brands, and more! And the partnerships you form here will help you elevate your business success.

4. Showcase Your Event Business as an Industry Powerhouse

Not just anyone assumes their position on the Trade Show Floor for Day 3 of The Event Planner Expo. Only the absolute best within their niche services take their place here. And when you choose to become an exhibitor, you have an opportunity to showcase your event business as one of THE powerhouse brands representing BIG at the Metropolitan Pavilion. With your participation, you’ll also enjoy boosted visibility throughout the year leading up to The Expo, sharing with the entire industry just how much of a key power player you are!

Space Is Limited - Act NOW!

So, while you might already be planning to attend The Event Planner Expo 2024 (and man, are you going to be excited to hear who’s coming,) consider elevating your Expo experience and ROI even more as a high-profile exhibitor! Booth space is already booking now, meaning time is running out for you to opt in this year. Contact our team and tell us to save your spot on the Trade Show Floor! 

The Event Planner 2024 might just be our biggest year yet!

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