4 Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Your Corporate Events

January 31, 2024 Mario Stewart

Marketing strategies have changed drastically over time and even more so in the past few years since influencers have made a mark. Online platforms can yield tens of thousands of opportunities for exposure and the potential to drive traffic to an event, cause, or product.

Adding influencer marketing into your event planning business and marketing strategy can result in more leads and clients or general connections in the industry. The key is to find the influencer that has the audience within your target market, whether that market is for the specific type of event you’re organizing or for potential clients.

Keep reading to explore some specific benefits of influencer marketing for your New York event planning business.

1. Start the Gossip

In this sense, gossip is a friend. Generating pre-event buzz and anticipation is a great way to start to build a guest list and drive traffic to a registration site or sign-up platform. People talking, sharing, tagging, and liking posts all help 

2. Generate New Leads

Influencer audiences that overlap with your intended audience can consist of a mix of potential clients and guests–and you want both as a New York event planner. You never know exactly where the dominos may fall as people watch, share, and comment on posts and videos.

3. Extend Your Event Reach

Influencers take a crucial step out of the equation for you as an event planning business; they already have the audience built. All you have to do is make sure that their audience and values match your business’s. This can ensure that your brand will resonate with the audience successfully.

4. Street Cred

What’s neat about involving influencers in event promotion is that it can help establish and develop brand credibility from the first mention. Greater brand credibility leads to more trust with an audience, which leads to a higher chance of someone visiting your event planning business’s website or contacting your social media platform directly as a potential client.

Types of Influencers

Something important to note is there’s a difference between an influencer and a micro-influencer. Influencers usually have millions of people in their audiences, and micro-influencers usually have 100 thousand or fewer followers. 

Micro-influencers are often more connected to their audiences and considered “experts” in their niche. These niches could be in any of the following and more:

  • Event planning
  • Food and beverage trends
  • Hospitality and tourism
  •  Specific venues
  • New York City entertainment
  • New York City “insider” type platforms

Don’t let the big-name influencers be intimidating to your marketing strategy as an event-planning business owner. A lot of them are in NYC themselves!

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