Event Tech Innovations to Save You Time & Money

November 27, 2023 Mario Stewart

As an event organizer, you’re keenly aware of the available event tech out there. There seems to be a “shiny object” launching every day with big promises to help you with all those tedious event planning tasks. But not every innovation is going to be helpful to you, especially if you’re not entirely sure where to start with event tech adoption. And some so-called solutions end up being even more hassle than they’re worth. So today, we’ve put together the list of event tech must-haves that are definitely worth a look. These innovative solutions can actually save you time and money while streamlining various aspects of all your New York events.

Contactless Event Registrations and Check-ins

One of the most effective event-tech innovations involves guest registrations and check-ins using digital channels. Today’s corporate events, conferences, and trade shows are all embracing the contactless check-in methods, using RFID scanning and pre-event registrations via mobile apps and event software. As an event professional, you should be making smart use of these available tools to streamline event registrations, keep the event participation seamless, and gather more guest information than ever before.

Wearable Event Tech

Avoid frustrating event mishaps when you can tap into using wearable event technology. Think smart badges and wristbands that, with quick scanning, can grant an attendee entrance into their VIP room. With these wearable solutions, event planners can also communicate high-value event information and make changes in real-time. Start exploring the different technologies available and gather business-boosting insights, too, like guest arrival times, booth interaction times, and event departure times.

AR and VR Event Entertainment

If you’re still not incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality into your events, make it a top goal for your event planning business in 2024. AR and VR technologies are vastly becoming the best way to provide engaging and interactive event entertainment. Event planners are using them as booth activation experiences, too. However you use these event tech must-haves, you can expect thrilled attendees and guests. Get interactive, use gaming, and transport users to other worlds with these incredible event engagement enhancement tools.

Event Mapping

Get your seating charts and event venue layouts out of your head and into brilliant graphic designs with one of the many software solutions for event mapping. Within a matter of minutes, you can have a 3D rendering of your upcoming event, including table arrangements, seating, and designs. Use these diagrams to communicate with your event clients and sell sponsorships, too. 

Artificial Intelligence

Chances are, you’ve already been encountering or using some form of AI in your event planning business. But you can be exploring other ways this revolutionary new technology can help improve your events, boost your business, and save both time and money. From chatbots on your event planning website or specific event landing page to collecting great event data for future event improvements, embrace AI wherever you can!

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