5 Event Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

November 13, 2023 Mario Stewart

New York event planners don’t have the time nor the resources to chase every “shiny object” marketing strategy and trend out there. What you need as an event professional is a comprehensive marketing strategy that harnesses event marketing methods that ACTUALLY work. Keep reading! Today, we’re sharing what NYC event pros need to be doing to grow event attendance, sell more sponsorships, improve fundraising donations, and create over-the-top successful events.

1. LinkedIn Marketing 

Social media is one of the most effective and powerful tools in an event planner’s arsenal. But don’t be so focused on Instagram and TikTok that you overlook the business audience LinkedIn has to offer. Depending on the type of NYC event you’re promoting, LinkedIn could be the channel you need for boosted attendance, sponsorships, event ticket sales, and fundraising. 

  • LinkedIn has more than 770 million users, representing 30 million brands.
  • Sponsored InMail averages a 52% open rate
  • Cost per lead is nearly 30% lower than CPL with Google AdWords.

Consider creating an advertising campaign with relevant posts and paid ads to connect with the professional audience on LinkedIn. Share posts and event-specific content with links to funnel ticket sales or landing page traffic. 

2. Influencer Marketing

Another proven event marketing strategy to leverage is influencer marketing. Align your event with a popular social media influencer who shares the event’s vision or mission. Connect and create an affiliate partnership to help promote your event with the influencer’s endorsement. Because today’s influencers enjoy captive audiences of thousands, many of whom you wouldn't be able to reach yourself using traditional methods, influencers are GREAT assets for boosting your event turnout and results.

3. Sponsors, Exhibitors & Event Supporters

Many corporate events, fundraising galas, and industry conferences call for sponsors and exhibitors. When planning these events, you can take those sponsor, exhibitor, and event supporter relationships to the next level by asking for referrals. Any collaborators you work with can be champions of your NYC event, reaching out to their own networks and sharing event news. Ask your sponsors and exhibitors to post on social media, share marketing posts, and help promote the event. In a way, you’re deputizing your supporters to put a bigger megaphone on your event’s announcements and marketing efforts.

4. Press Releases

Press releases are great tools for building excitement and introducing news about your New York event. Create a press release strategy that includes several PR pieces during the weeks leading up to your event. Use them to highlight your event goals, announce new exhibitors or speakers, or showcase entertainment news. With a press release, your event earns more credibility, too. 

5. FOMO & Storytelling the Event Sizzle

Event marketing channels and resources won’t matter if you don’t first develop a winning strategy for your event promotional content. With each NYC event you curate, sit down, and get creative with the sizzle and the storytelling. Create a buildup of excitement around your event, using descriptive language that makes potential attendees take notice. And the “fear of missing out” method is your best marketing strategy, dangling high-energy engagement opportunities with deadlines and limited-time offers on discounts and perks. 

Get Proven Event Marketing Strategies at The Expo

Today’s event planners know that the most successful events are only possible with great event marketing initiatives. Tap into these proven marketing insights that ACTUALLY work and start improving attendance, ticket sales, donations, and sponsorships for all your NYC events. And, get your ticket information for The Event Planner Expo 2024 if you really want to learn from the best of the best. It’s the premier conference for the events industry where the top pros come to learn the most effective event marketing and business strategies!

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