5 Insights for Crafting the Perfect Sponsorship Request Email

January 5, 2023 Jessica Stewart

One pivotal element in your event planning roadmap to success in 2023 is a sponsorship strategy. New York event planning professionals are realizing just how instrumental sponsorship packages are for their events and conferences. But the next hurdle for you might be developing the best strategy for landing more sponsors. If you’re leveraging the many benefits of email marketing, keep reading. These are the insights to help you craft those perfect sponsorship request emails!

1. Addressing Your Needs First

Before you even type your first “dear sir” email, spend some quality time reviewing the dynamics of your New York event and developing a sponsorship goal list. Knowing what monetary benchmarks define success for your event will help you work backward from there, creating the various sponsorship levels and price points. With an arsenal of carefully crafted packages, you can then tier your emails based on the strategic positioning of those packages.

2. Lead Your Email with Your Value Offer

Your sponsorship contacts have busy schedules. And they won’t spend any time reading an email if the subject line or opening “preview” statement doesn’t pique their interest. When you create your emails, customize them in a way that leads with your big value offer. Make the opening sentence appealing and brief, capturing what’s in it for them if they keep reading.

3. Event and Contact Specifics

The next piece of messaging in your sponsorship email needs to be precise in describing who you are and what your event is. Showcase your New York event as the celebration, gathering, or fundraiser that it is, and then get creative about highlighting how exciting it’s going to be for those who attend. Share the roster of other brands or companies already onboard with sponsoring. And use FOMO to build a sense of urgency around limited sponsor availability.

4. Describe the Event Audience 

You’re targeting certain event sponsors because you believe their target audience happens to be on your event guest list. While you can’t necessarily provide names of guests who plan to attend your event, you can (and should) describe the type of audience this event is drawing. Remind your potential sponsors that they have a “unique opportunity” to reach a captive audience with their brand.

5. Provide Links to Your Sponsorship Packages

Don’t over-indulge in your sponsorship email, and try to describe every detail about the various levels or packages. Instead, highlight a few high-quality perks and price points and then provide a link to a landing page that shares all the juicy details. Your CTAs can be both, to contact you for more information or to follow the link to explore all the sponsorship benefits and options.

Keep these insights in mind as you develop your email templates and sponsorship strategies in 2023. And always tap into the power of event sponsors to boost your event and your business! 

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