9 Top Mixologists, Baristas, and Beverage Servers for Your NYC Events

March 15, 2024 Jessica Stewart

Ay, the soul-affirming, restorative power of liquid refreshment. If you’re a NYC event planner who is also the type to keep time by the sort of beverage in your cup, then you know what we mean. Foodies, move over. Because it’s time drink aficionados had their day. In this article, we’re going to pour over the top mixologists, baristas, and beverage servers for your NYC events.


Mixology is high art, or at least it should be. The following mixologists are devotees to being masters in their profession. Give them a buzz when your NYC event calls for an elevated cocktail experience.

1. Liquid Lab NYC

Liquid Lab NYC founders Parker Boase and Gregory Lucas are on a mission to revolutionize mixology. The pair are known for their innovative cocktails, such as their healthy version of the Long Island Iced Tea and their molecular Negroni spheres, which are served as spoonfuls of gelatin.

Liquid Lab NYC has worked events with such notable brands as Gucci, Goldman Sachs, and Deloitte. They’ve been featured on multiple television outlets, including the Today Show, the Meredith Vieira Show, and Good Day NY. And they’re ready to elevate your NYC events with a variety of services, such as team-building mixology classes, cocktail menu design, and cocktail catering.

2. Strictly Flair

Strictly Flair combines high-end bartending skills with performance art. Flair bartenders entertain as they serve. They’ll enthrall your NYC event guests by tossing ice, juggling bottles, or balancing glasses on their forearms. But Strictly Flair bartenders are more than their stagecraft. They’re experienced, skilled mixologists who can serve up quality libations while stoking energetic fun at any event.

Some of Strictly Flair’s high-profile clients include Facebook, Apple, and ESPN. But it's Google reviews from average Joe’s that clinch their place on our list of top NYC mixologists. Dozens of reviewers “couldn’t be happier” with Strictly Flair’s “professional, reliable, and… accommodating” service. Strictly Flair has a “great price,” is “easy to book,” and offers “dazzling flair techniques.”

You get the point. Maybe it’s the happy juice, but Strictly Flair’s clients seem over the moon about this top-rated NYC bartending service.

3. Tell Me What You Drink

This cocktail catering service has been flying under the radar. But, as another bartending service with raving reviews, we think Tell Me What You Drink deserves a big shoutout. Kristoff knew from a young age that he wanted to be a master bartender. He founded Tell Me What You Drink in 2017, and he and his staff strive to provide excellent service and quality cocktails. They must be doing something right because reviewers say Tell Me What You Drink is “utterly amazing,” “super-attentive,” and “perfect.”

This Black-owned mixology service is ready to wow your NYC event clients with a variety of services and packages to fit their budget. Tell Me What You Drink has a list of ready-made packages for your guests or they can customize services based on their needs. Tell Me What You Drink also offers quality bottled cocktails so your guests can enjoy distinctive libations without the added expense of a bartender. They also offer mixology classes for NYC events, self-serve bar stations, and a champagne wall that doubles as a photo backdrop.   


We love spirits as much as anybody. But booze doesn’t go with every NYC event. Luckily, some budding beverage artists turn their talents toward mastering the craft of caffeine conveyance, a.k.a. coffee.

If you’re planning a non-alcoholic gathering or you just want to give your guests more options, give these baristas a ring. Call early. We have a feeling they’ll be awake.

4. The Mobile Barista & The Good Life Coffee Company

Michael Bonavita, founder of The Good Life Coffee Company, is right about one thing: “nothing good ever came out of a bad cup of coffee.” And Michael is on a mission to spread the good with The Mobile Barista, an outgrowth of his specialty coffee company.

Coffee catering from The Mobile Barista is sure to energize you guests and not just because of the caffeine. Michael specializes in stunning latte art. He can imbue your brew with a company’s logo or a wedding couple’s portrait. Michael’s art is so impressive, you’ll almost be sad to tip your cup to your lips but not really. The Mobile Barista uses award-winning espresso beans and top-quality brewing methods.

5. Joe Coffee

Don’t let the name fool you; Joe Coffee is anything but average. Joe Rubinstein founded his artisanal coffee shop in the West Village in 2003. Since then, Joe Coffee has grown into a New York staple with 24 cafes around Gotham. Joe Coffee has expanded its offerings into a branded online store, nationwide coffee subscriptions, and, of course, events catering.

Big-name clients like Google, Grey Goose, and Coach have brought in Joe Coffee for their events. Joe Coffee promises quality coffee, expert baristas, and a great customer experience for their NYC event clients. You can make your event even more special by hosting artisanal coffee brewing classes for your guests.

6. Café Aronne

Located in the Upper East Side, Café Aronne embodies the sophistication and exceptional taste you expect from anything located in the Upper East Side. Aaron Dahan and his staff of experienced baristas are passionate about coffee. You can see that passion in Aaron’s commitment to community and sustainability. Café Aronne uses organic coffee beans and sources ingredients from local farmers and bakeries.

Café Aronne offers the usual caffeinated potions, such as classic lattes and cappuccinos. They also have signature espresso martinis. And if your NYC event happens to be a brunch, Café Aronne can also cater pastries, croissants, avocado toast, and more. And with 568 Google reviews that add up to 4.9 stars, we’d say Café Aronne is doing something right.

Beverage Servers

Whether you’re serving liquid courage or liquid energy, beverage servers with a knack for keeping cups full will be the icing on the cake—or the froth on the latte. Hire any of these beverage-serving companies to make sure no one at your NYC event goes thirsty.

7. Party Waiter, LLC

From servers to bussers to hostesses, Party Waiter, LLC has a full entourage of wait staff to make your NY event a resounding success. Wait staff from Party Waiter, LLC are experienced professionals. Their default uniform is for black-tie, but clients can opt for more informal attire.

The staff at Party Waiter, LLC are committed to upholding your client’s image and expectations. Customer reviews report that servers from Party Waiter, LLC are “excellent,” “extremely professional,” and “suburb.”

8. Runway Waiters

Premium event staffing company Runway Waiters offers upscale, luxury service. By employing models, Runway Waiters elevates your client’s brand image. The fact that Runway Waiters has worked events for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Ferrari, and Ralph Lauren attests to their ability to contribute to their client’s brand reputation.

9. NYE Staffing

NYE Staffing is a staple vendor for NY event planners. With an unparalleled training program and full insurance coverage, NYE Staffing is a reassuring presence in New York’s event scene. When you don’t want to worry about it, call NYE Staffing.

Mixologist, Barista, and Beverage Server FAQs

What is the difference between a bartender and a mixologist?

Simply put, bartenders follow recipes, while mixologists create recipes. Bartenders with a higher calling go on to become mixologists. Mixologists have passion for their craft. They focus on technique, and they pour creative energy into their chosen art.

What is a mobile barista?

A mobile barista does more than brew coffee. They arrive with their own equipment, beans, and other necessary ingredients. They are able to make a full range of coffee drinks on site. The best mobile baristas use high-quality beans and syrups and offer a variety of dairy and non-dairy milks.

Find the Best Vendors for Your NYC Events at The Expo

Our list of the top mixologists, baristas, and beverage servers in NYC all have one thing in common: they’re passionate about what they do. And passion is the secret syrup for any endeavor, whether you’re pouring the syrup into an espresso or a whiskey. If you’re looking for more vendors as passionate about NYC events as you are, then attend The Event Planner Expo 2024. There, you’ll mingle and network with over 2,000 passionate event professionals. Register today and reserve your booth while space is still available! 

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