Build a Community of Event Clients & Sponsors with a Company Newsletter

December 13, 2023 Desiree Homer

A well-crafted newsletter is a beautiful tool. It can educate an audience, be one of the first pieces to grasp a reader’s attention and bring it to your brand, or be an exclusive information depot. Wield this marketing weapon wisely as you learn more below. Discover how you can use an event planning business newsletter to engage clients, appeal to sponsors, and attract event guests to all your NYC engagements.

Newsletters and Their Essence

The obvious question for some event planning businesses is - are newsletters really still effective?

Yes. They very much still are. Check out these Mailmodo numbers:

  • 77% of B2B marketers use an emailed newsletter today.
  • Newsletters earn higher open rates than other emails - 22% to be exact.
  • 81% of marketers prefer email newsletters.
  • 83.3% of marketers sent newsletters in 2022.
  • 31% of marketers use newsletters as their top lead nurturing tool.
  • 95% of Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennials receive newsletters today.

Top marketers are using newsletters because they WORK. And it’s the event planning business newsletter that can communicate effectively with your event clients, sponsors, and potential industry connections. 

Admittedly, a newsletter can’t hold a company up on its own; you’ll want to know about other insights that develop winning business strategies, too. But think of a well-planned newsletter sequence as that extra sugar on top of a solid marketing plan.

Purpose and Frequency

There are both internal and external newsletters. Internal newsletters are used to communicate, announce, and engage an internal audience (employees) usually on a regular basis. Some might be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. This schedule also applies to external newsletters, which are built for your current, past, and future clients, company followers, or other connections. Event planners can find incredible engagement power with the external newsletter, building a community of supporters, colleagues, and collaborators.

Advantages of Having a Newsletter

Having a company newsletter, especially for New York event-planning businesses, helps maintain consistent engagement with an audience. In this regard, connect with your New York event clients, event sponsors, and potential clients or new hires.

Newsletters arrive in the inbox, making it easy to access from a smartphone, computer, tablet, or even a smartwatch. They’re typically short, less than a blog post but potentially more than an email (200-300 words.) This makes them quick and easy to read, another perk for newsletter recipients.

Newsletters are also great for building brand trust and audience confidence. Put in a story of an employee engaging in something fun and unique during their off time or as a company representative. Show your clients there’s more to your event planning business than just business. It’s a passion for seamless showstopping events.

Event planning newsletters are also a great avenue for exciting announcements that might otherwise be looked over in a traditional email sequence. It can help drive traffic to a new blog post, satisfaction survey (or other metrics,) and overall keep your event planning business in a regular state of interaction with your email list.

What Do You Put In a Company Newsletter?

Technically, you can put anything you want in a company newsletter. But that doesn’t necessarily engage your event planning audience the best. We’re using this tool wisely, remember?

A few details to include in a company newsletter could be:

  • Showcase a venue, catering, or even entertainment of the month.
  • Share upcoming trends in catering options, venues, or overall themes for a season.
  • Highlight a recent stunning event your event planning company oversaw.
  • Show off any new and exciting developments with your company.
  • Inspire with your company or career story.
  • Share events industry tips and insights.

Great Newsletter Platforms

Newsletters don’t have to be burdensome to implement, either. It’s easier than ever to design, launch, and manage your newsletter. Here are some great platforms to consider:

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