Event Planner Education: 5 College Majors for Future Event Planners

May 12, 2022 Jessica Stewart

There are 1.8 million events planned each year in the United States. Businesses and individuals alike have the need for events, so the demand for planners is high. 

So, what should someone who is interested in event planning study in college? How should someone prepare to enter the industry? Is there a specific event planning degree people should consider? 

Keep reading to discover more about event planner education options. And learn about the top 5 degrees in event planning below. 

Hospitality Management

When you study hospitality, you learn many of the top skills needed to execute a great event. Hospitality degrees generally cover the following types of classes: 

- Food and beverage

- Personal branding

- Marketing

- Business

- Communication and writing

Some schools offer an option for students to focus on event planning with a hospitality degree. 


A major component of a successful event is a solid marketing strategy. Many people with career goals in event planning complete a marketing degree. Marketing degrees cover a variety of topics, such as: 

- Marketing techniques

- Strategy

- Product management

- Sales

- Market research 

A marketing degree is a great start to an event planning career. Finding event planning internships to apply to is a great way to gain hands-on experience. 

Public Relations

Public relations is very similar to marketing except it focuses solely on building a brand's reputation. Typical classes in this degree cover: 

- Communications

- Graphic design

- Marketing

- Operations

- Business management 

A public relations course will give you a solid foundation in the skills needed to be a successful event planner. 


Depending on the types of events you want to plan, a communications degree may be a good choice. This degree will give you a foundation in communications and media. Other classes include: 

- Marketing

- Writing

- Media relations

- Public speaking

- Presentations

A communications degree could help you gain the skills needed to effectively plan events and interact with professionals and customers. This type of degree will help you boost engagement, which is a huge aspect of any successful event. 

Business Administration 

Planning an event is a series of moving parts and includes many business skills. Negotiation, coordination, and administration are a few that come to mind. When you finish a business administration degree, you learn topics such as: 

- Marketing

- Finance

- Business management

- Logistics

- Operations

- Public speaking

A business administration degree will give you a great start to an event planning career. Many of the skills needed are included in required classes so mistakes aren't made. This article will teach you about common mistakes made by event planners. 

Learn More About Event Planner Education 

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