Event Planner New York: Latest Trends in the Event Planning Industry

June 30, 2022 Jessica Stewart

One of the greatest event planning quotes of all time is, "An event is not over until everyone has stopped talking about it." -Mason Cooley

As an event planner, it's your goal to give people an event worth talking about for a lifetime. You need to book the best entertainment, hire amazing chefs, and amaze the attendees with flawless decor. 

However, the competition in the event planning world is heating up. You'll need more than beautiful centerpieces and fancy cocktails. You'll need AR technology and events backed by activism. 

Learn about these trends and more in our event planner guide below. We'll give you a peek into the latest trends that are taking over by storm.  

The Power of Technology

Whether you're an event planner in New York City or Birmingham, Alabama, you should be tuned into technology trends. Technology affects every area of our lives, even event planning. 

Augmented Reality 

You thought the AR trend was a joke, didn't you? Well, it's far from one. 

Incorporating augmented reality technology into your event marketing strategy will leave people in amazement. It's excellent for allowing future attendees to dip their toes in the water before the day of the event. 

Use AR in your event marketing and virtual invitations by allowing people to virtually explore floorplans and venues. This allows guests and performers to become more comfortable with the space prior to attending. 

Improved Efficiency 

Every event planner in NY knows there's not a second to waste, especially in the city. People have things to do and places to be. 

Use technology to improve the efficiency of your event, everything from the check-in process to the schedule of events. Because everyone has a smartphone now, it's easy. 

Many event planners are already using technology to create quick check-in options. Conference attendees can now use QR codes to scan into event halls, and party attendees can show their ticket barcodes for event access. 

Are you tired of visitors losing their schedules? Event planners have solved this issue by creating virtual schedules or utilizing mobile apps that allow for the creation of digital schedules. 

Greater Customer Service

Even the best event planner doesn't have time to personally chat and help each guest. But don't worry because technology has your back!

Technology now allows for virtual customer service in the form of things like chatbots or instant chat rooms with customer service representatives. 

When marketing your event to guests, fill them in on all of the awesome customer service strategies you're putting into place. They can use them to ask about the venue or solve issues regarding their ticket.

Promote Health and Safety 

As we now all know, health and safety at an event are crucial! People are more willing to attend an event if they feel safe. 

The event planning industry has responded to people's desire to be germ-free as possible at events by introducing hybrid events, safety reminders, health screenings, etc. 

Many New York conferences have required temperature checks and vaccination proof before entering the facility. Meet with your clients, no matter their location, about the health standards they wish to uphold as you plan events. 

It's also important to ask your clients how they want to handle health and safety inside the event facility. Plenty of event planners are utilizing printed safety reminders, face shields for panelists, and sanitizer stations.  

Hybrid Events

Did you know your event doesn't have to fully be in-person? It can be in-person and virtual. 

Hybrid events are wonderful for improving safety and allowing access for global attendees. Attendees who wish to only virtually attend can watch the event through a live stream and interact through virtual chat boxes. 

Plus, hosting a hybrid event is great for revenue. You can sell more tickets to the event if you know not everyone will count towards the maximum body count. 

Bite-Sized Pieces

Much of the event planning trends of the past focus on major events that take place over the course of an entire day. You're likely to see events taking place in more bite-sized pieces these days. 

For example, instead of hosting an all-day event including several simultaneous workshops, a company may host a week-long event that includes a workshop per day. 

This way, the event is more approachable and accessible for attendees. They have the option to attend for 2 hours during 3 days of the event instead of being required to attend an event for 10 hours straight. 

It's a great option for those who are parents and those who have demanding careers!

Support a Cause

Not only has health and safety become increasingly important, but activism has also become important for many hosts and attendees. One of the biggest trends in the event planning industry right now is supporting a cause. 

Many clients will reach out to you with a cause already in mind, but if they don't, encourage them to consider selecting a cause. Inform clients they have the option to host a fundraiser at the event or donate part of the ticket sales to a selected charity. 

For those unable to attend events, many event planners are creating and sharing virtual donation links. 

Keeping Up With the Trends: Defining Your Edge as an Event Planner

Every successful event planner keeps up with the current trends. If you feel like you're falling behind, there's no need to panic. Check out the above guide!

Much of today's event trends focus around technology, health and safety, and activism. Dive headfirst into these trends to get a leg up on the competition and to create the events of your clients' dreams. 

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