Geotagging for Event Planners: 5 Insights to Boost Your Marketing Results

February 7, 2024 Mario Stewart

Are you geotagging your New York events? If you’re not (or not sure,) keep reading. We’ll delve into the basics, applications, and benefits of geotagging for all your corporate and social events in NYC. And when you execute correctly, expect boosted marketing results and improved event attendance.

1. What Is Geotagging?

When we talk about geotagging, we mean stamping any digital post that tells viewers more about what it entails. A geotag is a geographical location identifier for use on social media. And they apply to photos, texts, QR codes, social posts, and more. The objective of geotagging is to bring better visibility to your post, your event, and, ultimately, your business. Anyone viewing will immediately see venue details - which are significant for fundraisers, festivals, public exhibitions, and more.

2. How to Create a Geotag for Your NYC Events

Start by logging into your event planning Facebook app. There, create your post and follow the “Check in a tab.” Search for your event and specify its location and additional info. Now, your NYC event will appear as a Geotag option for Instagram posts.

Benefits of Geotagging Your Event

Sure, geotagging your events allows guests to “check-in” and help promote your event to a broader audience. But there are additional advantages to consider, too.

  • Increase event exposure across social media and location hashtags.
  • Engage with specific audiences and event attendees based on those using your event’s geotag.
  • Improve SEO ranking and create unique opportunities for trends.
  • Build a community of online audiences around your event and brand.

3. How It Can Boost Event Marketing Results

Ok, so there are geotagging benefits. But how can geotagging your events actually improve your overall marketing results

  • Pre-event Marketing - reach audiences beyond your normal reach.
  • Event Night Marketing - build a buzz throughout your event.
  • Post-event Marketing - get event marketing mileage after it’s over.

4. Improved Event Security

Geotagging presents another event security advantage, too. Using cloud-based geolocation solutions, event planners can integrate location tech with access control systems. This allows for visibility throughout your event, monitoring and controlling safety, venue entrances, and more.

5. Best Geotagging Apps

Explore these apps, perfect for geotagging your New York events.

  • GeoTag Photos Pro (Pro 2)
  • GPS Map Camera
  • Spotlens 
  • GPS Camera Location
  • Pixelgarde
  • GeoSnap
  • MapCam

Discover Even More Marketing Insights at The Expo

Start geotagging if you aren’t already and boost your event marketing results. Use these insights to inform your strategy. And learn even more about marketing strategy improvements by attending The Event Planner Expo 2024 this October! Top event planners, hospitality professionals, and decision-makers come for this three-day conference. Elevate your Expo experience further by reserving your exhibitor booth on the high-energy Trade Show Floor! Act fast while booths are still available!

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