Going Green: 4 Ways to Make Your Corporate Event Eco-Friendly

February 9, 2023 Jessica Stewart

Today’s corporate events are widely adopting more sustainable and environmentally-conscious strategies. As a New York event planner, you can bring a host of eco-friendly ideas to your events. Here are some effective ways to incorporate green-sensible aesthetics and designs brilliantly. 

1. Consider Zero-Waste Giveaways

Instead of loading up your corporate event guests with slews of promotional marketing materials and branded goodies, think green. While promotional swag has its benefits, it can be one area of opportunity for you to choose differently. In lieu of sending folks home with pens, notepads, and plastic mugs, consider branded satchels made from recycled materials. Talk with your promotional company partners for more eco-friendly merch ideas. And anything that is considered wasteful, cut from the giveaway table.

2. Lose the Paper

Look for ways to lose the paper and incorporate digital methods of connecting instead. For example, transform your registration table away from paper badges and plastic sleeves. Opt for the QR code badge readers that allow for seamless registration and networking without the wasteful paper. Keep corporate event agendas online and use app-based solutions to connect and engage your attendees without sacrificing the trees.

3. Recycling Materials

Don’t take on an eco-friendly event by yourself or in a silo. Get your client and corporate event guests involved in your sustainability efforts and outline a green mission for the event. Share with everyone what steps you’re taking to make it an environmentally sensible engagement. And provide guests with their own opportunity to pitch in with recycled waste bins or charitable donations to brand-aligned sustainability.

4. Natural Designs 

Another area of your corporate event that you can explore for more eco-friendly event ideas involves design. Whether it’s your event theme, decor, or even lighting, look for more natural and low-waste options to create an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Use natural plants and flowers to bring color to a table that can then be sent home with guests. Talk with your venue about lighting options that preserve energy. And any other decorations that don’t add substantial value, swap them out for more simplistic and natural aesthetics.

What types of eco-friendly event ideas are you seeing in your event planning niches? Keep these insights in mind and get creative with how you create more green-sensitive events. 

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